Croatia Coronavirus COVID-19 Press Update March 18, 2020: 81 Cases, 12 New

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March 18, 2020 – Croatia Health Minister Vili Beros reported that 12 new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases have been confirmed. The total number of cases in Croatia is 81. Details to follow later today. Five patients have recovered.

At 9:00 CET the National Civil Protection Headquarters held a press conference and provided an update the coronavirus in Croatia as reported by Index. Among them are eight doctors from Zagreb, some of whom had recently been skiing in Austria and became infected. Five people have recovered.

Locations of New Croatia Cases Later Today

Minister Beros announced that more than 1,100 tests have been done. The situation is getting worse all over Europe, Beros said. For now, the HQ does not have information on which cities the newly infected are located.

Today, according to government announcements, stricter measures are being introduced and many facilities, cafes, cinemas, theaters, gyms are closing …

Measures Limiting Movement of Elderly

Minister Davor Bozinovic announced yesterday that the additional measures would apply to the elderly, and it was clear that they would go about limiting their movement almost completely. He also announced the intensification of self-isolation control.

“When it comes to doctors, we are well organized spatially and temporally,” Minister Beros said. “For all those who have other problems but are not suspected to have the coronavirus, other health care facilities will provide adequate assistance. Treating chronic conditions is not in question. I want to thank the private sector for being sensitive to this issue,” Minister Beros said.

“Mental health professionals are available from 0-24. The ministry is rolling out a wide range of activities and we are doing everything we can to keep the situation under control,” concluded Beros.

Markotic: Patients Have Mild Symptoms, No Respirators Needed

Alemka Markotic said that all patients have still mild symptoms and that there aren’t any patients with more severe conditions. “Our doctors who had been in contact with an infected doctor have tested negative,” she said.

Minister Beros added that none of the infected people have needed a respirator. “It is certain that this will happen, and that some of the patients will have a more difficult clinical picture. It is very necessary for the older population to be mindful of these measures and the most important thing is to protect them,” Beros added.

Capak: Call 113 Instead of 112 Regarding Coronavirus

Krunoslav Capak reminded everyone to call number 113 regarding coronavirus concerns.

“For everything coronavirus-related, please feel free to call with any questions. Eight doctors have been infected. The epidemiological situation is under control,” Capak said.

“We are preparing instructions on how hospitals should behave. We will give additional power to the commissions for strict control of transitions from one ward to another, as well as for closing off areas if necessary,” he said.

The staff urged the elderly to stay home. “The Red Cross will coordinate deliveries for older people,” their representative explained.

“The Red Cross will assist everyone in need with the distribution of food. We are assisting people by a range of activities, both through equipment and logistics. Contact information can be accessed here. It is very important that the headquarters exempt blood donation from the ban on assembly,” he emphasized.

Discussion Today on Closing Public Facilities

“Today, we will specifically discuss the closure of facilities. I would not speak about measures to close cafes yet. Today a law is under review which will give additional power to the National Civil Protection Headquarters so we can implement the necessary measures throughout Croatia,” Capak said.

Beros also commented on how many people will be infected. According to the table provided by Beroš, it is expected that of the estimated 5 percent to be infected in Croatia, 140 of them will fall into the group of severely ill, while 80 percent (2261) will be in the group of mildly ill. Fifteen percent of the population, which is 425, would fall within the category of medium-severe symptoms. In Croatia, 2,826 people are expected to become infected during the coronavirus epidemic.

“That’s an earlier estimate,” Beros explained. When asked if new estimates for the infected were higher, he said “not significantly.”

Seniors: Stay Home, Delivery Help Available

The Red Cross has issued instructions for seniors to share via email and to publish on their website. More information here.

“The approach is simple, that there will be direct contact between the delivery person and the elderly, that the contact is short, and that everyone will regularly wash their hands,” it was noted. “We are open to anyone who wants to help. It’s just important that you do it safely.”

132 People Have Violated Self-Isolation

In 132 cases, citizens were caught violating a measure of self-isolation.

“Police and sanitary inspection are doing their job well regarding enforcement of self-isolation orders. We have received 779 reports and 132 people have been caught not complying with these measures,” Capak said.

Follow our dedicated page on the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Croatia and watch for our daily update at 14:00 CET. The Croatian Government has also launched a website for information on the coronavirus (with map of cases) here.


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