Croatian Mountain Rescue Service: Dear Tourists, Careful With Those Floaties

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Floaties are best kept in pools. 

Let’s do a quick survey: if you had a bottle of peroxide in your hand, would you need special instructions to stop you from drinking it?

You probably wouldn’t. It seems pretty obvious you shouldn’t drink peroxide.

When you buy a new clothing iron, do you need the box to say you shouldn’t touch it when it’s hot?

Probably not.

Last one: if you had a float matress and the open sea in front of you, would you really need somebody to tell you it’s not advisable to float out to the open sea on the said float matress?

No? Because some people would.

A couple of days ago, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) received an emergency call about two Polish tourists in need of saving. Aged 45 and 11 – probably parent and child – the tourists were enjoying a day at sea on a floatie, but forgot to make sure they don’t stray too far away from the shore. The current did its thing and quickly drew them out to the open sea. Not a situation you’d want to find yourself in.

Fortunately, the HGSS reacted in time and saved the careless tourists, but the adventure could’ve had a different, much worse ending. It wouldnt be the first such scenario to play out on the Croatian coast, as we see a similar case (or multiple) every summer.

So, back to those instructions: the HGSS does its best to warn people who come to Croatia on vacation about possible summer dangers. They tell the tourists to stay hydrated, to stay close to the shore, not to go hiking in flip-flops… each warning sounding more absurd than the last one, as you’d expect anyone in their right mind wouldn’t go hiking in flip flops or spend a full day in the sun without making sure to drink some water every now and then. And yet, some people obviously do need everything spelled out for them.

Of course, we could all use an occasional reminder to be smart and responsible, but having to warn someone not to float away to another country year after year must become pretty frustrating after a while. And yet, as they’re here to protect us, the HGSS keep rocking on, serving us witty ironic remarks and reminders not to be idiots. The latest comes after the recent Polish Scandal, and has the HGSS asking people to avoid using the ‘luftmatratzen’.

Here’s the original announcement:

“Dear tourists,
When you’re on Croatian coast and wind is blowing land outwards to the sea, please do not use ‘Luftmatratzen’ (google it, please). If you still do so, please take some ID with you so that Italian Coast guard do not mistake you for refugees. Thank you”

In multiple languages as well:


Poor HGSS, bless their heart for not giving up and fighting on to save each one of our silly little heads. Thanks for all you do, HGSS!




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