18th Opatija Winter Swimming Season Officially Opens (VIDEO)

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Kukali opened the 18th Opatija winter swimming season in new bathing suits. At their standard position at Slatina beach, across from the Girl with the Seagull statue, the members of this Opatija collective once again pointed out a different side to the Opatija tourist offer and a tradition of the region, reports Novi List.

“Today’s winter swimming also presents a new type of tourist offer, the only one of its kind in the Mediterranean. In cooperation with LRH, we decided to present a winter bathing project that will be offered to Opatija guests with expert guidance, locals,” said Mario Sušanj, a member of Opatija’s Kukali. As a medical worker, he revealed the main message of this event, which is promoting health, especially needed during the pandemic.


“This well-established story promotes health and our sea. A sea that is natural, healing, and free, when everything else costs. The health aspect is guaranteed, but you need to know how to approach winter swimming. Before entering the sea, you should warm up well, followed by a short swim, and then you should be ready to go. Alcohol must never be used before entering the sea, and chronic patients are not allowed to enter,” explained Sušanj at the opening of the winter swimming season, in which Chakavian poets from Liburnia recited their poetry dedicated to the sea, accompanied with music by a new member, Aleksandar Pauletić from Frančić (Matulji). 

The Opatija winter swimming season began with new bathing suits donated by the City of Opatija. Sušanj stated that due to swimming and activities, the swimming costumes wear out quickly and it is necessary to change them once a year.

“It is very difficult to find a quality material and a quality tailor who knows how to sew them. So we are very pleased that we managed to get new swimsuits. The swimsuits are currently being made by our friends from Zagreb, Slovenia, and Italy who know us,” concluded Sušanj.

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