Sonus Festival Kicked Off on Zrće: TCN Caught Up with Sonus Artist Pan-Pot

Daniela Rogulj

TCN caught up with Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix from Berlin-based techno duo Pan-Pot ahead of their performance at Sonus Festival this week. Both DJ’s and music producers, Pan-Pot’s sound is best defined as “underground-oriented, yet independent of any existing genres of contemporary sounds, traversing techno and house but having experimental elements with strong IDM influences.”

Sonus Festival began on Zrće Beach yesterday, and will run through August 25th. Pan-Pot will perform on Wednesday, August 24th (Day 3) from 1am – 4am at Kalypso and on Wednesday, August 24th (Day 4) from 6pm – 9pm at Papaya.

First off, as many Croatian readers and readers in general may not know – how did the name Pan-Pot come about?

– Tassilo: Hi, that’s easily said. When it was about time to find a name for our project we were sitting in the studio and looking into a book about sound engineering. We saw the name “Panorama-Potentiometer” and liked the short form “Pan-Pot” a lot.


You two joined forces in ’04/’05 but met in Berlin at SAE where you were both studying audio engineering – was Pan-Pot always a dream or did you both have different music aspirations while at SAE?

– Thomas: As soon as we met at the SAE and discovered that we share the same taste of music (Techno), it was clear to us that this is the direction we want to go. It is pretty much also the reason why we started to share a lot of studio time and to work together.


Tell us a bit about Second State, your record label. What was the deciding factor in wanting to create your own record label, and how do you see Second State growing in the future?

– Tassilo: Second State was created because we wanted to create our own imprint as well as have a platform for other great artists to present themselves and their music. It feels good to have created this and to see how we can combine great music, events and merchandise.


– Thomas: We try to help the artists on our label develop themselves and through that also have our label grow organically. It is a bit of a mix between finding great new music and growing what is already there. Right now we are very happy with what we have already reached within two years.


You guys seems to have one of literally most demanding touring schedules, especially during the summer – how do you stay rested and healthy?

– Thomas: Good question! Indeed the touring can be really exhausting, playing at clubs and festivals is not the problem but all the traveling in between with a lack of sleep. But we do have a very solid private environment with our families and good friends, with whom we can relax and get some quiet time.


– Tassilo: And we also do a lot of sports whenever possible. Even when on tour we try to go running or lift some weights. In Berlin we do sports very constantly, this is a good way to release pressure and find your balance.


Since you have played a number of venues throughout the world – what is one of your favorites? Favorite city/country to play? Where do you look forward to playing that you haven’t yet?

– Tassilo: Another good question! 🙂 There are so many good places and all of them are different so it is really hard to pick one. I would say for Berlin it is our home base, the Watergate club as we have such a long history with them and consider them some of our closest friends. Festival-wise we like Time Warp and Awakenings a lot, but again there are so many. 


– Thomas: Actually every new club, city or country is something special just because it is new and you don’t know exactly what to expect. It doesn’t matter where in the world this is.

Have you played in Croatia before and if so, where? If you haven’t, what are you most looking forward to about playing in Croatia?

– Thomas: Sonus! No seriously, this is also one of our favorites. Last time we played the atmosphere was hard to describe, absolute madness in a good way. I think it is the people, who really understand and enjoy the sets that we play and this always makes us feel very welcomed and puts us in a great mood.


Is there a town/city in Croatia you have been wanting to visit / explore but haven’t had the opportunity to yet?

– Tassilo: When we land at an airport and get into the car to the venues we see a lot of the country and its beauty. For me, besides all the hecticness in the cities, I would like to see bit more of the countryside and the nature and of course the beautiful coast.


As you’ve most likely read, Sonus is one of the best festivals not only in Croatia, but in the European region – what are you most looking forward to about the festival and who are you most looking forward to seeing?

– Thomas: As I said before a bit, its the people who come there to party. I think this is really unique and what we are looking forward to. And we also like the promoters a lot, who we always are looking forward to seeing.


What can we expect from your set at Sonus? 

– Thomas: Maybe a bit something like this 🙂


What are the plans for Pan-Pot in the future?

– Tassilo: We always try to push ourselves to present us in the best possible way, on the road and also in the studio. So we will continue to work hard on this.


Anything you’d like to add for your Croatian fans? 

– Thomas: So looking forward to it, better get ready! 🙂 


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