Split University Student Creates 3D Printed Plastic Visors for Doctors and Nurses

Daniela Rogulj

KBC Split

March 25, 2020 – One Split University student is using 3D technology to help doctors and nurses in the fight against the coronavirus in Croatia.

While this has been a trying time for all of us, there is quite a bit of good that is finding its place in the spotlight during the corona crisis; good in the form of creative ideas that will help health care professionals go through their daily struggles.

Slobodna Dalmacija writes that one shining example is a protective plastic “visor” made in a 3D printer by Slaven Damjanovic, a 23-year-old fifth-year student at FESB in Split. In just a few days, Damjanovic perfected a plastic visor with 3D technology, which, thanks to a thick strap that tightens around the head, allows medical staff to protect themselves from transmitting an infection from a patient that is coronavirus positive.


KBC Split

From the two 3D printers at the Student Center in Split, ten visors have already emerged, immediately handed over to the employees of the KBC staff in Split. At his initiative, another 200 printers, currently 24 Croatian cities, have joined the campaign. 

“I first heard an appeal from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, in which individuals and companies were asked for help with various materials, masks, gloves, disinfectants, equipment. On the other hand, it is more than clear that we are missing out on the front line in the battle against the coronavirus. As I already have start-ups and E-agrar, I started thinking about how to help. Because each of us has to help. I first thought of making a respirator tube, which a 3D printer can make. But the idea was dropped because it does not provide 100% health security. And then I came up with a visor,” Damjanovic said.

The visor design was already available on the internet, the work of a Czech company that manufactures 3D printers. He inserted a file with an existing model into his printer. While the design of the visor began, he already had the support of the Croatian Student Union and the University of Split. They distributed his call to action to social networks across the country – and they created another beautiful chain of solidarity, imported 200 printers from Croatia, from Osijek, through Zagreb, Pula, Split to Dubrovnik. As you read this, they are continually making new visors.

“The visor is about 25 centimeters long, weighs 60 grams, and consists of a carrier that we build in a 3D printer. Plastic film is placed and fastened on it, which is purchased finished and adjusted to the carrier. And then the elastic band that goes around the head is fastened on. Let’s say it is most similar to a visor used when mowing grass. It provides tremendous security to doctors and other medical staff. In fact, it prevents drip contact between the patient and the healthcare professional. It keeps the mouth, nose, eyes free of the virus. It takes a maximum of three hours to construct one mask, after which it immediately goes to its users,” Slaven says, arguing that this is an example that shows the strength of our students and the future of Croatia.

A special plastic material is needed to make the visor, which is between 150 and 200 kuna. Of this amount, 20 visors can be made. He has so far paid out of pocket, just like all those around Croatia that have 3D printers on hand. But it will take a lot to arm the army of our healthcare professionals.

That is why Damjanovic, as well as the students who have become involved in this immensely important project, are asking people of goodwill to donate work materials and include their printers in the chain. 

“Since the initiative came from us in Split, we have become a kind of logistics center for other cities as well, coordination that distributes visors to other Croatian areas. It was agreed that individuals from each city that joined us would initially start making visors for their hospital centers. As the number of printers increases, we will agree on a wider distribution. And yes, we are missing printers and more materials to work with. Get involved, donate, help, because what we do, we do for all of us. By helping our healthcare staff in their work, we protect our entire community,” said Slaven Damjanovic, as well as everyone else involved in this action.

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