Villa in Ivanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina Advertised as ”Dubrovnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina”

Lauren Simmonds

Wikimedia Commons

Geography isn’t everyone’s strong point…

Many people who have never been to Croatia tend to get confused about the historical borders of the country and neighbouring countries which have frequently moved in the past. Bosnia and Herzegovina tends to confuse even some of those who are otherwise well acquainted with the area but aren’t that well informed about the tumultous past of this part of Europe.

That being said, those who own property and are renting it out should know a little better than to advertise what they have on offer in a let us say, geographically misleading manner. 

Ivanica is a settlement in Bosnia and Herzegovina in which the closest border crossing between Dubrovnik and the neighbouring country is stationed. For a great many years, Ivanica locals and foreigners interested in property have caught onto the idea of buying property in Ivanica and renting it out to those wanting to visit Croatia’s southernmost city without having to pay Dubrovnik’s somewhat infamous prices.

Ivanica. The tiny, entirely unassuming little settlement in Herzegovina’s mountains that overlooks Croatia’s rugged coastline and sparkling Adriatic sea. An incredible sea view into another country that you’ll still have to wait hours at the border in order to get to. Ivanica is indeed one on its own in that respect, but it is still very much on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, not in the European Union, and certainly not in Croatia.

It seems there are two things in which international borders have no meaning: love, and money. For some adventurous souls who aren’t impartial to bending the truth and looking to make some quick cash, the otherwise seemingly pretty impressive Villa Pavle which was noticed by Dubrovacki Dnevnik on the 26th of December, 2017, advertised on the short-term rental giant is apparently in Dubrovnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and not in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Your neighbours might be partial to helping themselves to your garden tools but have they ever stolen your land? 

All humour aside, please be aware when booking accommodation in Dubrovnik if you’ve never been here before. Locations like Ivanica in Bosnia and Herzegovina are a mere few kilometres away and you too might be tempted by cheaper offers in the Herzegovinian mountains above the Pearl of the Adriatic, and no, there is no Dubrovnik in Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of what this ad might claim. Borders exist for a reason and believe me, trying to cross at Ivanica during the summer every day just to get to the beach is no walk in the park!


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