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Marja Colak

Meet Filip Sertić, a young Croatian actor on the winding way to an international career.

Croatian cinematography has been doing very well over the last several years. Awards and recognitions at prestigious festivals, the engagement of Croatian actors, directors, light, sound, make up and other masters in international productions have made Croatian film appreciated around the globe in general.

The competition is quite merciless, as we know.

Croatia is a small country, and far away from the world’s most desired destination where to succeed requires more than lots, but it’s worth trying. Like in that song ”…if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere…”. You have to be noticed. And Filip Sertić, a young Croatian actor, is one of them.

Our conversation was not too long, but we were truly surprised with what he told us at the end.

”For The Good Old Times” was premiered at this summer’s Pula Film Festival, and with all the buzz it created there, it also received the honour of opening the Vukovar Film festival. It is scheduled to be released to cinemas this autumn.

Directed by movie veteran Edo Galić and written by Dominik Galić, the film depicts a group of friends their early 20’s, living in Zagreb.

Their lives revolve a lot around partying and chasing girls, yet the reality of each of them having to come to some big, imminent decisions in some close future is their constant escort. Are they ready to face it, without money, education, any social position, will they prevail and better their lives up and still stay friends?

Filip Sertić, one of the main protagonists, gave a standout performance, and was qualified by the critics as ”the young hope of Croatian cinema”. Filip’s role is that of a young man struggling with drug addiction and the so many facets of it. Sertić delivered an astonishing string of transformations of a character that chooses negligence over responsibility, drugs instead of a job, actually, of the guy from the neighbourhood, the one that could have
succeeded, but never managed to do anything, the kind of an antihero from reality.

Filip’s performance is authentic, natural, and witty.

”Working on this project was so exciting; we had to portray situations of partying, fighting, sex, and all that comes with growing up. I think everyone will become attached to these characters and appreciate our portrayal of the real Zagreb in the early 2000’s. I think we did a good job and the story is really interesting.”

How did you get the part?

I was selected at a big audition and I am very grateful to Edo Galić for having chosen me. He also gave an opportunity to a lot of young talent, each of us was so highly motivated and a great atmosphere ruled throughout the shooting. Besides, sharing the set with some great actors of our cinematography, like Mustafa Nadarević and Ivo Gregurević was more than enticing and inspiring. Working with the great director Edo Galić was most precious, his enormous experience was a priceless help.

You graduated from the prestigious Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb recently. What are your plans for the future?

I received an offer from the Kerempuh Theatre in Zagreb to join their ensemble. I was excited because it is my favourite theatre and the actors there are so talented and wonderful. Right now, we’re preparing a hit from the West End, ”The Play That Goes Wrong.” I’m sure it’s going to be a success, but what I’m interested in most right now is my movie career. I’m very optimistic about the future. Croatian cinema has never been bigger and better.

You had an interesting role in a TV show, Crno bijeli svijet, (”Black and White World”) where you played Darko Rundek, the famous Croatian singer and artist from the 80s. Are we going to see you in the third season?

The third season is about to start and the audience will soon get a chance to feel like they were in the 80’s again and yes, I’m in it. It makes me happy because it’s my favourite role so far. Rundek is the biggest artist in Croatia in my opinion. With his charisma, he deserves to be world famous, I was so thrilled when I got the part also because I’m such big fan of his. He’s really special and it was hard to emulate him, but I gave my best. The 80’s was the most fun period and with this role I had a chance to experience it a bit.

Some media found out that you have some offers coming straight from Hollywood. Are you leaving Croatia? Can you tell us more about it?

Right now I’m in Los Angeles! I’m making plans for my future projects here. I have been offered some parts and you will most likely see me in some of the new stuff here. I can’t say much about it at the moment, but I’m very excited. It has been my dream since I started acting and it was just a matter of time for this to happen. I fell in love with Los Angeles at first sight. It’s inspiring being here and meeting people from the industry. I feel like I’m in a perfect place. I will be working on every project I find interesting and with talented people no matter where. I’m planning to do more stuff in Croatia, of course, I’m really excited about the future that is
now even brighter here in this place of every actor’s dreams.

Keep your fingers crossed for Filip, and his projection and promotion of not only his own, but of Croatia’s plethora of talent on the other side of the Atlantic.


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