Istria to Create New Development Strategy for Winemaking

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Istria is about to create a strategy for development of winemaking and viticulture until 2030

Prefect of the Istria County Valter Flego met with leaders of the ‘Vinistra’ association and multiple Istrian wine producers, to propose a strategy that would enable the county to retain its leading position in the winemaking industry in the wider region, reports Lokalni on August 26, 2017.

“Istria has made some major steps when it comes to investing in new vine plantings and new agricultural techniques, as well as in creating the brand of Istrian wine. All of that led to outstanding success of our wines”, Flego said, calling this a perfect moment for creating a new strategy for development of winemaking and viticulture.

The strategy would enable Istria to follow global trends in the winemaking sector, which would in turn help Istrian winemakers to make progress in positioning themselves in the market, expanding export business and increasing competitiveness.

“The Istria County with its cities and municipalities strongly supports the need for making a quality document that would offer valuable guidelines for winemaking development in Istria. Following our extraordinary cooperation with winemakers so far, we’ll help in procuring funds required to create the said strategy”, stated Flego. He added it’s important to work on future development of winemaking in Istria through collaboration of winemakers and the public sector.

The main goals of the project are maintaining the status of the leading winemaking region, reinforcement of the brand and the Istrian Quality mark (IQ), as well as development of Istria as a region.

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