James Bond to be Filmed in Dubrovnik?

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With Game of Thrones, Star Wars and now perhaps James Bond, who needs tourists in Dubrovnik?

“Yes, we’re negotiating with the production, but they’re a tough nugget” – that’s how we could paraphrase mayor Vlahusic’s statement he gave on February 22, 2016 about the possibility of this famous block buster being shot in Dubrovnik. If it really turns out to be the truth and Bond does come to Dubrovnik, it’s definitely going to be one of the greatest advertisements for the city. Everything in the film is a commercial – the suits Bond wears, the car he drives, drinks he drinks… Casino Royale was shot in Montenegro just after it declared its independence in 2006. Rumors had it that the country paid a very extensive sum to appear in the film because they needed a good tourism promotion.

So far, Dubrovnik has been featured in numerous films, series, documentaries, music videos, but the biggest back draw was that the city was not presented as Dubrovnik, it was almost always used as a prop for an imaginary world. The global fame and recognition Dubrovnik got with Game of Thrones is amazing, but the city is posing as King’s Landing, not as itself. Star Wars are going to use Dubrovnik to depict it as Luke’s hiding place (allegedly). Of course, it’s going to bring a lot of popularity to the city and the tourism industry together with people working in it are very satisfied and grateful, but just for once, Dubrovnik should be given an opportunity to be presented for what it is. James Bond might be the ticket to reality.
When featured in foreign production, Croatia is often portrayed as the mafia-struck poor country, where people live in slums and don’t have running water. Many tourist that visit Croatia think that the war ended year or so ago, and their opinion is probably based on those images, amongst other.

This time we can only hope that our negotiators find a way to present Dubrovnik on the big screen for what it is – a beautiful coastal town surrounded with natural beauties and well preserved historical heritage that annually draws hundreds of thousands admirers. Personally, I’d like to see Bond drink Dingač as he eats freshly caught fish brought to his table directly from a fishing boat, paired with locally grown vegetables. After the dinner, he could take a walk down Stradun with one of his beautiful ladies and stop to listen to one of the street artists that perform almost at every corner of the old town. Then he and his Bond-girl might decide to dance the night away at the fortress-disco club that is one of the 100 best clubs of the world. It is time Croatia and Dubrovnik get a different coverage than the one they usually get in world media. Bond, James Bond, we’re counting on you!


TCN’s Lauren Simmonds also sent in this report at the same time as Ivana, so we will include both, as both have their personal viewpoints as Dubrovnik residents.

Is 007 making his way to Dubrovnik?

Its public knowledge that Dubrovnik is an attraction for film makers. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s beautiful. But how much longer is it going to continue – and will we make the mistake of selling our soul?

After the filming of the incredibly popular series Game of Thrones and now Star Wars (still to come), the people behind one of the most famous film series in the history of time apparently have their eye on our humble little red-roof town.

Game of Thrones saw Dubrovnik thrust into the tourism limelight with film and TV buffs, with our shops and even tobacco kiosks brimming with items related to the series and entire tour packages catering to those interested solely in seeing the filming locations. It seems we have more to come.

The Star Wars crew will be in Dubrovnik in a mere two weeks to start filming the follow-up to the multi-million dollar blockbuster ”The Force Awakens”, Andro Vlahusic announced on Monday that talks are being held about bringing the one and only Bond (James Bond, just in case it slipped your mind) to the city.

“We are negotiating at the moment. We would need to pay. Negotiations about money are going on, and it’s not easy to negotiate with James Bond, but we have started.” Mayor of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahusic told RTL.

Last year, the charming Istrian town of Rovinj was used as the setting for Heineken’s global campaign for the James Bond film ‘Spectre’. The high adrenaline ad saw the famous spy in a high-speed boat chase, with a montage of Rovinj featuring in some of the scenes.

While it is wonderful that Dubrovnik is getting the audience it deserves, it is concerning to many of us who live here. Just as a personal note – last year I was dealing with some tourists who asked me if the War Museum on Mt. Srdj was anything to do with Game of Thrones. Needless to say, I had to take ten seconds to give an appropriate response. The group of tourists, who were otherwise lovely and very friendly people had no idea a war had taken place here, let alone so recently. While this (I hope) is a tale about a minority of people, many of us who live here fear the film and TV fame will make this type of thing commonplace.

Let us rejoice at the idea of Croatia finally being dragged out of the myths that still surround it in the International Community and into 21st Century Europe, but let us not disregard the importance of sad history of the Pearl of the Adriatic, and the reasons why the City of Dubrovnik is considered, just like Vukovar – a hero city.


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