ŽLU Cres Plans to Continue Investing over HRK 80 million in Port Infrastructure

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May 10, 2021 – After arranging the western part of the Cres port, with the help of EU funds, the County Port Authority (ŽLU Cres) plans to invest in developing Martinšćica and Valun ports to create preconditions for additional nautical tourism – 93 new municipal connections and an increase in liner passenger vessels.

Reconstruction and extension of the port open to public traffic of county importance in the settlement Martinšćica on Cres Island

In 2021, ŽLU Cres plans to apply for the reconstruction and extension of the Martinšćica port to the tender of the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union funds, which would reconstruct another Cres port, after the western part of Cres port, with European funds, through the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2021-2027. The project documentation for the tender is already ready.

So far, phase A has been realized, i.e., extending the Main Pier by 25 meters, in the value of about HRK 7.3 million, which created the preconditions for continuing the modernization of Martinšćica port. Its extension provided better protection of the eastern part of the waters and better berths (internal) for year-round mooring of liner and fishing boats and large yachts for seasonal mooring from the outside.

The following two phases of the project, worth HRK 38.5 million or almost 80 percent of the total project value, would apply for European funds at this time, which include:
– construction of a breakwater with a shell on the outside (phase B)
– new wall and manipulative plateau (phase E).


The new Martinšćica port project will provide a protective breakwater with a seawall about 90 meters long, which will provide safe and sheltered access for passenger ships, a manipulative plateau, concrete pier 1 in the length of 70 meters, and new coastal walls in the total length of about 312 meters, which would also provide an accessible pedestrian path to the center of the settlement.

The other two phases, worth HRK 9.6 million, will include extending the Fratarski mule (phase C) in the length of 56 meters and three pontoon piers (pier 2, 3, 4 – phase D) with a total length of 186 meters. ŽLU Cres would finance this part of the project itself, at the moment when there are financial resources for it.

The project’s total value, which includes phases B, C, D, and E, is estimated at a total of HRK 48.4 million.

The project will better connect the Martinšćica island population with the mainland, which will make it easier for residents to access daily activities, as well as create preconditions for the economic and social development of Martinšćica – long-term impact on the quality of life of on Cres.

The value of the investment is of great economic importance and contributes to the further development of Martinšćica in the long run.

The project will contribute to regional development and affect the development of port infrastructure and maritime network traffic and the additional development of island tourism, which benefits the entire Cres community.

The spatial coverage of the initiative refers to the area of the Martinšćica port, including the area of the sea and the coast with the coastal road, with a total area of 4.25 ha.

By extending the Main Pier and constructing a new, southern breakwater on Branič, the port area would be fully protected, which will affect the additional protection of property (vessels) of citizens, while the part intended for public transport is being arranged within the port, it is also planned to arrange safe berths for fishing and tourist-excursion boats.

By extending part of the port, the goal is to create the preconditions for receiving larger liner passenger vessels – catamarans and excursion boats.

There are plans to arrange the western part of the port on Branič and build a new concrete pier of about 75 m wide and 2.5 m wide, which will be used for mooring local vessels, while free berths in that part of the port will be used to accommodate sports (nautical) vessels in transit.

To moor sailors in transit, two floating piers 72 and 64 m long, 2.5 m wide in the southern part of the port, and one pier 50 m long and 2.5 m wide in the northern part of the port are planned. The piers are equipped with connection cabinets and mooring equipment.

The existing appearance of the coast with a natural beach will be kept in front of the monastery.


By arranging the shore and building one concrete and three pontoon piers and reorganizing the waters, about 170 berths will be provided.

The western part of the coast in the Martinšćica port will be arranged and used as an attractive coastal public pedestrian space – in this way; the citizens will get a new waterfront and a new attractive view. The coastal promenade will be equipped with urban equipment: benches with backs, wastebaskets, a small fountain, and public lighting poles, and the necessary port equipment on the moorings.

The existing coastline is planned to be corrected to obtain the necessary profile of the public part of the coast, with a total width of 9-10 m, sufficient for arranging a two-way road, a green belt with a tree line, and a coastal promenade.

It is expected that in the existing buildings along the port and the coastal road, as well as in those yet to be built, facilities in the port will be arranged that will make this area attractive to residents and visitors, including catering facilities, entertainment, sports, and recreation, and various services and shops.

Wastewater from the vessel will be accepted in a separate tank. The port authority will collect these waters in an organized manner and take them for treatment (purification), contributing to the long-term preservation of the environment.

The Main Project Certificate (Building Permit) has been obtained and activated for the project.

Reconstruction and extension of the port open to public traffic of local importance – Valun port.”
The Valun port is planned as a port of local importance open to public traffic. The port is planned to be reconstructed within the mainland and the associated waters.

Project documentation has been prepared for the project – “Reconstruction and extension of the port open to public traffic of local importance – Valun port” – the total investment is estimated at HRK 42.2 million.



The goal of arranging and upgrading Valun is to increase the number of berths, the possibility of mooring high-speed ships (catamarans) and tourist ships, and the exposure of existing berths to waves from the north and northeast. Due to overcrowding and exposure to the local wind climate, boats are endangered in the current state of the port. With the realization of the project, the property of the citizens will be protected.

Reconstructing and upgrading the existing breakwater and constructing two new fixed piers are planned; the breakwater will be based on a newly erected stone embankment, while fixed piers will be placed on a single row of piles. Everything will be lined with stone.

Within the port area of the port open to public traffic of local importance, a communal berth is planned, an operational shore – an area intended for regular maritime traffic, a fishing berth, a nautical berth, and moorings.


The existing breakwater is extended and L-shaped, total length 81.5 m, width 5-6 m

The first part of the extension is carried out in the direction of the existing breakwater, in the length of about 22.4 m measured from the inside and 27.6 m measured from the outside. This part of the breakwater extends in the east-west direction. Then the ground plan fracture is performed at almost 90 degrees, and the continuation of the breakwater is performed in the north-south direction. The length of this second part, measured from the inside, is about 47.9 m, and from the outside about 52.8 m.

In addition to extending the breakwater, it is planned to build two dissected piers within the port waters, which will be constructed as reinforced concrete (fixed) structures on “Benotto” piles and stone cladding. Fixed piers will be 32m (pier 1) and 36m (pier 2) long, 2.5 m wide.


The piers are planned as fixed dismantled structures, deeply based on reinforced concrete “Benotto” piles, and will be equipped with mooring rings, while the breakwater will be equipped with bollards and mooring rings. Cabinets for water and electricity supply to the vessel is planned to be installed on the newly planned maritime structures.

Since there are no hydrants in the area, as part of the main project, the development of a new hydrant network will be envisaged, which will cover the port area with fire protection – the security of the said area will be raised.

About the Cres County Port Authority 

The Primorje-Gorski Kotar County system of county port authorities dates back to April 8, 1999, when the County Government of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County made decisions on establishing eight County Port Authorities, including the Cres County Authority.

ŽLU Cres was established for ports of county importance: Porozina, Merag, Cres with a separate port basin Grabar and Martinšćica, and ports of local importance: Beli and Valun, based in Cres.

ŽLU Cres started its independent work in January 2000.

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