Could You Succeed in Croatia? Take the Ultimate Quiz

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Looking to succeed in Croatia? Take the ultimate quiz to assess your chances, as Tanja Radmilo returns with her From Croatia with Madness column on February 28, 2016.

It has been another extraordinary week in Croatian politics, and there are still a few choice political and business appointments up for grabs. Do you have what it takes to succeed in the modern Croatia? Take the quiz below.

This quiz will let you know what are your chances of making it work for you in Croatia. Think carefully, choose the reply that suits you best, check your score and see where you stand. Are you ready? Let’s go then.

1. You:
a. studied hard for 5 years and graduated
b. paid to somebody to copy your thesis from the Internet
c. bought a false diploma

2. Your favourite colour is:
a. black
b. red
c. blue

3. Your residence is registered:
a. at your actual address
b. at imaginary address
c. at your in-laws

4. The first thing you do when you get up:
a) brush your teeth
b) have coffee
c) say prayers

5. Abortion is:
a) set of exercises for abdominal muscles
b) human right
c) murder

6) How do you like your women?
a) I like them any way.
b) I like them barefoot and pregnant.
c) This question is insulting.

7) What are you feelings towards other nations?
a) Live and let live.
b) I hate them all, particularly Serbs.
c) I do not know any other nations.

8) You celebrate your birthday with:
a) your friends
b) your family
c) most notorious criminals

1. a – 0, b – 1, c – 2 5. a – 1, b – 0, c – 2
2. a – 2, b – 0, c – 1 6. a – 1, b – 2, c – 0
3. a – 0, b – 2, c – 1 7. a – 0, b – 2, c – 1
4. a – 0, b – 1, c – 2 8. a – 0, b – 1, c – 2

Check your score: 0-12 – you are a loser; 13-18 – there is potential; 19-24 – you are a minister or parliamentary representative material.


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