SuperSyrians Attack

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Tanja Radmilo is back, with her latest piece for From Croatia with Madness. 

Croatia is in a state of shock. Croatia is under attack. Nothing will ever be the same. This is an evil plan of the vicious SuperSyrians who plan to come to Croatia, rape everybody, burn down all the churches and crosses, eat all the food and take away all the jobs.

Serbs, Hungarians, Slovenians, Macedonians, Turks…(add as you wish) are all openly supporting them. The Prime Minister was probably hypnotised or drugged when he decided to welcome them here. They even hypnotised the Pope who said that every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary of Europe, take in one SuperSyrian family. That is how they operate. They even put a spell on the biggest Croatian war hero general Gotovina who said that the borders should stay open.

SuperSyrians decided to conquer Croatia long time ago, the first SuperSyrian came here in the third century, but since he came alone, very soon he was beheaded, after which it took SuperSyrians some 1700 years to consolidate and now they are coming in thousands. The first one was known by the name St.Domnius or St.Duje and is now considered as patron saint of the City of Split.

People are afraid of SuperSyrians because they are endowed with superpowers. Croatian President calls them migrants because they cause her migraines and she gets very stressed and sounds and looks like Donald Trump. SuperSyrians can walk for 9 days without food and then enter Croatia and rape any female that moves. SuperSyrians believe they can fly and that is why they like to throw their children over the barbed wire fences. SuperSyrians believe they can swim and that is why hundreds of them board small boats.

SuperSyrians are like geniuses, they come to Croatia and take all jobs on Croatian labour market. Because for them it is no problem at all to learn Croatian in 24 hours and then they will work in Croatian schools, hospitals, public companies, bars and restaurants.

SuperSyrians can shrink if necessary so that three hundred of them can squeeze into a bus. They do not have feelings, like if you take away their wives, they just do not care. Separate them from their children, they laugh. If you cut them, they do not bleed. And they are here to get us.


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