Ecocide on Mljet Island: Sewage Dumped into Sea in National Park

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An unknown culprit decided to dump the entire content of a septic tank into the waters of Mljet National Park

It seems like our protected natural wonders just can’t catch a break: you might remember this story about the environmental disaster that took place six months ago in Telašćica Nature Park on Dugi Otok. This time around, another of our treasured islands got dealt an unfortunate hand.

Residents of Mljet island noticed large quantities of fecal waste in the waters of Pomena, a tourist destination located within the borders of Mljet National Park, reported Dubrovački dnevnik on March 19, 2018. The locals reported the incident and enclosed photos of the polluted site, remarking they don’t understand how anyone could be able to do something like this.


Photos sent to Dubrovački dnevnik by a reader

They were referring to the fact that the incident wasn’t an unfortunate mishap related to the local sewage system, but a purposeful act carried out by an unnamed culprit. As it turned out, a local entrepreneur had emptied a septic tank and then decided to dump the entire content of the cistern into the sea – at night, so they wouldn’t be caught in the act.

According to the Maritime Law, such an action is illegal, and the perpetrator might be looking at a fine amounting to tens of thousands of kuna. However, the competent authorities first need to carry out an investigation and identify the culprit, and we have yet to see whether anyone will actually be held responsible for this abhorrent treatment of a protected natural area.

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