Jadrolinija Prepared for Summer! Better Quality Service Awaits?

Lauren Simmonds

Will you be using Jadrolinija this summer?

As Morski writes on the 14th of June, 2018, Jadrolinija’s recognisable white fleet of vessels will also service both residents and tourists this summer season with 34 lines in local traffic and 4 lines in international traffic, delivering on over 600 trips every day, with the most frequent lines to be held 24 hours a day. This summer’s ferry connections will be serviced by a total of 50 boats, 34 ferries for local lines, 10 catamarans, 3 ferries for international routes, and 3 classic ships.

Throughout this year, the situation at the seaports, as well as the overall capacity of the ships, will be monitored 24 hours a day. Additional service will be introduced when demand is already up to 40% of capacity, which will be determined by continuous tracking at the docks (webcams in over 20 docks, the ticketing and embarkation system and other forms of communication).

Jadrolinija is quoted as saying that prices are divided into seasonal and non-seasonal categories, and in most cases they have remained unchanged when compared to their cost back in 2017. Seasonal prices are on average 20% higher than the regular price.

Travel tickets for regular users, island identity cards, and all other such items are available through Jadrolinija’s official website. Passengers also have the “marine ENC” – Jadrolinija2go card available to them. Sailing schedules as well as all daytime service information is also available on their website.

“Jadrolinija – prijatelj djece” (Jadrolinija – a friend of the kids) is a project designed specifically for the youngest travellers to make their trip pass more quickly and be more fun. Jadrolinija has equipped a total of eight boats and two agencies with children’s corners, with more improvements and equipment currently being added.

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