A Love Letter To Split

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TCN’s Goran Antonijević wrote a love letter to his hometown and his fellow citizens

I wish that St. Domnius finds you well, my dear fellow citizens.

Take care of our ancient City, and be worthy of it. Do not spit or litter its streets; those streets have the soul of all our ancestors built in them. Be aware and be appreciative of the beauty you have in your daily life while hiking through the Marjan forest, which was planted by our grandparents ages ago, be aware of the gift we got for free while playing picigin on Bačvice beach during the winter time.

When tourists ask you directions to Diocletian’s Palace while standing right in the middle of it, do not laugh at them, but stand proudly and show them around. Explain to them that the famous Roman palace they seek is our home. Respect that fact as they do, look up sometimes and embrace some of that beauty and take it with you.

Be proud of the fact that Split girls are the most attractive ones in the whole wide world, (and the Split boys too, for the fact of the matter). Make a wish while rubbing Grgur’s thumb, pay your Hajduk membership, visit the theater here and there, it’s been a Split thing for ages.

Don’t be bothered by the late-night noise young tourists make, as it is nothing compared to the noise we have made throughout the centuries. Be happy, as that loud sound is what keeps this City awake.

When you leave Split, do not be ashamed of your legacy, be proud of it. We have our special arrogance, unaccountable for by other people, and that arrogance of ours, rooted in the simple fact that we were born and raised in Split has no real ground, but love it even more for that fact.

When other people call you lazy, do not try to oppose them, do not state the facts and everything we have to show for, say to them that we do not see anything good in a life dedicated just to work. Living without working is a unique skill, and to have even grasp the essence of that, one has to discover the notion of fjaka.

Do not even try to explain that word; it has to be discovered, not explained.

If one has made it on the streets of Split, there is no obstacle big enough to stop her or him on the streets of London, New York or any other city in the world.

Don’t be bothered by the fact that our city is changing. Traditions are there to be taken down. This City survived Napoleon, Kaiser Franz-Joseph, Serbian kings, Mussolini, Hitler, and a whole bunch of domestic rulers, and it will survive these guys trying their best to diminish our city.

Of course, buy something wooden today, it is a worthy tradition.

And smile. Your smile makes this City even more beautiful than it’s ancient stone walls.


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