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190618 Beer2

A great option for beer lovers who want to increase their protein intake.

Four new craft beers from the 5th Element brand were presented yesterday at a beer tasting event held at the Batak Grill in Zagreb – STOUT 4.2, BONNER, VOODOO and PROTEIN, reports on June 19, 2018.

They were created in the workshop of the famous master beer-maker and a strong promoter of the local craft beer scene Krešo Marić. The 5th Element brand was created in 2014 as a contribution of Daruvar Brewery to the growing Croatian craft beer scene.

The greatest attention was attracted by the first Croatian protein beer, the 5th Element PROTEIN BEER. Each bottle of this beer contains between five and seven grams of whey protein and is produced as a non-filtered beer, which makes it an excellent source of natural B vitamin from the yeast. With a lower percentage of alcohol (4.5 percent), it is ideal as a refreshment for all those who love to be involved in sports and at the same time love their beer.

Another novelty from the Krešo Marić’s workshop is BONNER. The traditional production at the Daruvar Brewery has always been based on the Czech tradition of light beer production. By expanding the 5th Element line with another beer, the Daruvar Brewery has now returned to its roots and produces a beer in the most popular brewing style.

190618 Beer2

In addition to these two light beers, two darker kinds were also presented. STOUT 4.2. is a beer extremely black in colour, which fully emphasizes the depth of the soil from which the barley takes its flavour. It is characterized by an intense aroma of coffee and black chocolate which, after tasting, is rounded by the bitterness of hops and the aroma of chicory. The increased alcohol content of this foreign extra stout beer is well balanced with malt flavours and makes the beer rejuvenating, especially when it is shared between friends.

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Finally, there is VOODOO, a “wooden aged fes” style bear – the accentuated aroma of coffee and black chocolate make this beer very special.

The sales of the 5th Element brand increased by as much as 60 percent in the past year. The Daruvar Brewery believes in it further growth and will continue to expand the range with new products. In addition to winning the market share, the 5th Element is also winning numerous prizes and awards. At the recently held competition, the 5th Element won the first prize in the category of craft beer product packaging.

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