Todorić: Ex Minister Revealed Truth About Unconstitutional Lex Agrokor Origin in Just a Few Sentences

Lauren Simmonds

A new blog post from Agrokor’s former majority owner and boss.

In his latest blog post, written on the 3rd of December, 2017, Ivica Todorić states what he believes was the former justice minister having revealed ”the origin” of what he describes as an unconstitutional law that he claims to have been forced to sign under duress and blackmail – Lex Agrokor.

As usual, we bring you the former Agrokor boss’ latest blog post translated in full into English below:


”In his statement today, the former Justice Minister, Ante Šprlje, told N1 that he first saw Lex Agrokor (law) just three days before his vote, and the professional services of the ministry merely corrected it and adapted it to Croatian laws. Šprlje said that he didn’t know the people who wrote Lex Agrokor, although he did see them at a work meeting, but he certainly would recognise them, he added, if he saw them [again]. The former minister said that Deputy Prime Minister Dalić told him that the people doing it (working on the law) were held in her highest level of trust, and Mr. Šprlje’s opinion on it was that the names of Lex Agrokor authors would definitely have to be published.

There is another statement by former Justice Minister Šprlje, which was published in the media on March the 27th [2017], just a few days before Lex Agrokor’s proposal was submitted to his ministry. In this statement, Šprlje responded to a journalist’s question about Lex Agrokor, that the law is “still being drafted” and that ”his ministry will only be involved when they get the proposal”.

Today’s statement by the ex-minister, from March 27th this year, speaks most vividly about what I’ve been warning [people] for months – the unconstitutional Lex Agrokor was created by a group of people connected by [mutual] interests, very consciously gathered by Minister Dalić in order to create a position to gain enormous, unlawful financial benefits.

The creators of Lex Agrokor now manage the hijacking of hundreds of millions of euros without any supervision, under the vice-president and the prime minister’s patronage.

And during this time, the prime minister lives and leads a virtual hybrid war where he’s the only general.

Mr. Plenković, prevent the breakdown of Croatian national values, prevent the plundering of Agrokor, this is a real war against Croatia, not your hybrid media imagination. Croatia is left without billions because you’ve allowed it. And that’s not a hybrid war – it’s the epic theft that your government is responsible for.


Ivica Todorić’s blog post translated in full from


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