Snow, Rain, and Wind Hit Croatia Today, Here’s What You Need to Know

Daniela Rogulj

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The country gets a chilly taste of winter today.

Winter weather has greeted us in all parts of Croatia today, and whether you’re experiencing snow, heavy rain, or blistering gusts of wind, chances are, you’re cozied up inside on this gloomy Sunday.

Because weird weather brings a lot of precaution, here’s a bit about what you need to do going on around Croatia today, from road closures to safety measures, as reported by on November 26, 2017. 

Screen Shot 2017 11 26 at 3.09.52 PM

Snowfall has been heaviest in the Lika and Gorski Kotar areas today while most of the hills around the country are slippery and wet from heavy rain. Winter conditions must be followed on most state and county roads in Lika, and on several county roads in Gorski Kotar.

Strong winds are apparent in the coastal areas, especially in Dalmatia, with the onset of storms possible. Wind will moderately blow from a strong north and northeast direction. In the northern Adriatic, there will be a strong and stormy bura, at the foot of Velebit there are hurricane-like gusts, and the middle and south of the Adriatic will moderately and gradually turn from a strong jugo to a strong bura wind. 

This morning at 7 am, snow levels in Croatia were as follows: Crni lug 4 cm, Delnice 10 cm, Otočac 1 cm, Parg-Čabar 9 cm, Plitvice 5 cm, Puntijarka 18 cm, and Zavižan 11 cm.

Air temperatures are between 5°C and 8°C, and in the mountains are ranging from 0°C to 3°C. In the Adriatic, temperatures are ranging from 8°C in the northern part to 16°C in the south, but there will be a sensational chill at the end of the day.

According to DHMZ forecasts, today is expected to be mostly cloudy with rain, and there will be a snow cover on the mountains. Most of the rain in the interior of Croatia will fall in the first half of the day, and the local lowlands can see some sleet. 

Drivers are advised to adapt their speed to the road conditions and keep a safe distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. HAK, Croatia’s Automobile Club, advises you not to travel on any roads without proper winter equipment. For trailer trucks and semitrailer tractors, there is no free road route from the interior to Dalmatia, and vice versa.

Here is a look at the road closures for today.

Closed for all vehicle groups:

– The section of the highway A1 between Sveti Rok and Posedarje (only for passenger cars, with mandatory winter equipment, on state roads via Gračac, Zaton Obrovački and Karina-DC50 and DC27, while other vehicles can be operated via Kistanja and Knin)

– DC54 Maslenica-Zaton Obrovački

– DC218 Dobroselo-Mazin-Bruvno

Closed because of wind, only open to passenger cars:

– section of the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb highway between Kikovica and Delnica (tour for other vehicles on the old road through Gorski Kotar-DC3)

– a section of the Adriatic highway between Senj and St. Mary Magdalene (DC8)

– Paški most

– DC27 Gračac-Zaton Obrovački

The Krk Bridge has banned buses, caravans and motorcycles (I group of vehicles), as well as the A7 Draga-Šmrika and AD8 motorway between Bakra and Senj, in addition to cargo vehicles and covered cargo space (I and II group)

Sljemenska cesta is open and passable for all traffic with mandatory winter equipment

Because of snow and winter conditions, traffic is forbidden for trucks with trailers and semi-trailers, while other vehicles must have winter equipment on the roads:

Lika and Zadar County:

– DC1 Korenica-Knin;

– DC25 Korenica-Gospić-Karlobag;

– DC27 Gračac-Zaton Obrovački;

– DC42 u mjestu Poljanak;

– DC50 Gospić-Sveti Rok-Gračac;

– DC52 Špilnik-Korenica;

– DC217 Ličko Petrovo Selo-GP Ličko Petrovo Selo;

– DC218 GP Užljebić-Dobroselo;

– DC429 Selište Drežničko-Prijeboj;

– DC522 čvor Udbina-čvor Gornja Ploča;

– ŽC5203 Otrić-Srb, ŽC5169 Bjelopolje-Donji Lapac as well as all the county and local roads in the area of Donji Lapac

Gorski Kotar:

– ŽC5034 Vrbovsko-Ravna Gora-Kupjak;

– ŽC5191 Sopač-Mrkopalj-Tuk;

– ŽC5062 King Jarak-Fužine-Lukovo;

– ŽC5032 Crni Lug-Mrzle Vodice-Gornje Jelenje;

– ŽC5068 Hreljin-Zlobin-Fužine;

– ŽC5030 Platak-Kamenjak;

– ŽC5068 Bukovac-Vrata-Fužine;

– other county and local roads in Delnica and Vrbovsko area.

Traffic forecast for Monday:

Roads will likely be wet and damp on certain roads through Gorski kotar and Lika could have possible limitations for certain groups of vehicles due to winter conditions. In the interior of Dalmatia, you may find sleet.


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