Eternal Derby Chaos: HNS Brutally Punishes Hajduk for Match Against Dinamo

Daniela Rogulj

The Disciplinary Commission of the Croatian Football Federation held a session discussing the last three rounds of the Croatian First League.

Because the Eternal Derby usually never goes without incident, HNS has decided on a punishment for both Hajduk and Dinamo after the dramatic match on October 21, 2017, at Poljud. 

Hajduk has been punished with a fine of 80,000 HRK, while Dinamo must pay 20,000 HRK for the behavior of their fan groups Torcida and Bad Blue Boys, reports on November 16, 2017.

The decision was made by the Disciplinary Commission of the Croatian Football Federation at its session where they discussed misdemeanor penalties during the 13th, 14th and 15th rounds of the Croatian First League. 

“For the 13th round match between Hajduk and Dinamo, several violations were recorded by officials, including the lighting of many pyrotechnic devices before and during the game, due to which the game was delayed at the start and was interrupted for five minutes; an inappropriate banner on the fence of the north tribune; an inappropriate scandal by the Torcida fan club; the sale of tickets to those who are banned, resulting in banned fans in attendance at the match who were witnessed in the stands; the delay of returning the ball to the players in the second half; an incident in the entrance ‘A’ where several flares were launched by fan group BBB, one of which fell among the spectators on the Western tribune. Because of this, HNK Hajduk was sentenced to a single fine of 80,000 HRK, and GNK Dinamo to a penalty of 20,000 HRK due to the inappropriate conduct of members of their BBB fan group. The Disciplinary Commission will subsequently decide on the responsibility of individuals for the incident in the lodge,” HNS explained.

Unfortunately, this is not the only punishment given to two of Croatia’s biggest football clubs. 

Hajduk has been penalized with another 20,000 HRK due to the launching of twenty pyrotechnic devices at the match between Hajduk and Rudeš at Poljud, causing the interruption of the game. Dinamo has been fined for the same offense, plus for a scandal regarding BBB during the match against Rijeka. Dinamo has also been fined 20,000 HRK for the incident. 

Dinamo must pay another 10,000 HRK fine for BBB’s display of pyrotechnics during the 15th round match against Slaven Belupo while Slaven Belupo, as the organizer of the game, must pay 5,000 HRK. 

To summarize, Hajduk will pay 100,000 HRK in total, Dinamo 50,000 HRK, and Slaven Belupo 5,000 HRK. Lokomotiva and Osijek will also both pay 5,000 HRK to HNS for the five yellow cards given in their 15th round match. 

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