Cool Cocktail Bars of the Adriatic: Massimo on Korcula

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21 June, 2018 – Where are the coolest places to grab a cocktail this summer? For location, style and stunning sunsets, Massimo on Korcula is hard to beat. 

One of the things that interests me the more I travel around Croatia is the way the country’s fantastic stone heritage and historic buildings are used for tourism. Some, of course, have become museums, authentic locations showcasing the thousands of years of Croatian history. Others – with Pula Arena, the sixth largest amphitheatre in the world, perhaps the best example – have developed a dual use as museum and historic treasure, as well as an innovative concert hall and even arena, hosting the likes of Sting and Leonard Cohen, as well as an ice hockey game. 

And then there are various bars, restaurants and clubs which are integrated into the historic stone to offer a rather unique experience. 


And then those buildings can offer a sunset view like this one, you know you are in the right place. 


Especially when the view down shows that enticing Adriatic from a new angle. 


The Massimo cocktail bar has fascinated me for years since I first saw it in Korcula Town. A gorgeous stone turret turned cocktail bar, a building sliced in two and with a glass wall at the back, I never had the opportunity to pop in until this week. Just how did they deal with serving drinks in such a small space, with the bar seemingly on two levels?


It was a journey back in time, as I was greeted by a friendly bar tender in traditional knight’s clothing, the theme of the season, and with ample goblet to match. 


Before getting  to the drinks, there was plenty to savour in the first floor inside space – Korculan history dripping from the walls. 


And some rather lovely views back at the old town through that glass window at the back. A wonderful opportunity to choose your view – gorgeous Adriatic or traditional old stone. But those stairs looked steep – just how did the bar tender get a plate of drinks up there? More importantly, how was I going to get down from there, especially with a couple of the reported strong cocktails inside me?


What can I say? The view was more than worth the climb.

The daytime panorama.


But it is at night that Massimo really comes to life. Are there many better spots on the Adriatic to take in another sunset, with cocktail in hand? 


The mystery of the ordering system was soon solved by this small table on the top terrace. A little bell under the table is rung. 


Out comes the bar tender to take the order from above from a colleague.

And, a little shaking and stirring downstairs and the order is ingeniously delivered by a pulley system, see the above video. 


End result – perfection. 





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