Daily Telegraph Discovers Northern Dalmatia as a Cycling Destination

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The message of Croatia as a top cycling destination is slowly getting out internationally.

The word is getting out… Croatia is a hit cycling destination.

The latest positive promotion of Croatia as a cycling destination comes courtesy of The Daily Telegraph and northern Dalmatia on August 12, 2016. 

“What do you mean, luxury? I rode my butt off back there,” says Colleen, a former US naval commander who has just completed a 25-mile bike ride along the spine of some rugged Croatian island and left nothing out there but a bucketful of sweat and a salvo of salty naval expletives hurled at the hostile hills.

Some cyclists sing hymns or recite nursery rhymes as a climbing aid. Colleen’s friend Patty recommends The Little Engine That Could. Others count revolutions or just suffer in silence, wondering what it takes to enter the trance-like state of which hardened cyclists speak. Colleen swears, with more venom than variety. Cycling a few yards ahead of her is like being pursued by Hugh Grant in the opening sequence of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

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