Free Guided Tours in Istria: Explore Hidden Treasures of Ližnjan!

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April 11, 2018 – The town of Ližnjan in southern Istria has plenty of gems to discover. If you’re looking to explore the history and culture of this quaint place, you have three guided tours at your disposal in the coming weeks

Planning a visit to Istria this weekend… or any other weekend of this month? Let us add something to the itinerary: the Tourist Board of Ližnjan Municipality has prepared several guided tours of the charming town of Ližnjan and its surroundings. The initiative aims to introduce the visitors to cultural and natural heritage preserved in the area; you have three tours to choose from, all of them free of charge. 

The first will take place on Saturday, April 14, heading towards Šandalja cave. Starting at 11 in the morning at the last ramp in Šijana forest, the tour will take the attendees to the cave located only a short walk away. The group will be headed by the director of the Archaeological Museum of Istria, Darko Komšo – a unique opportunity to learn more about Istria’s history from a renowned expert.

The second tour will take the visitors to the church of Our Lady, first mentioned in historical documents in the 16th century. The meeting point is set near the crossroads to Budava bay, on Saturday, April 21 at 11. The church used to be a part of the medieval village of Kostanjica, abandoned after a malaria outbreak; it’s home to some priceless frescoes and a Gothic inscription. The tour will be guided by Milena Joksimović, PhD, who will introduce the visitors to a legend of St. German who was supposedly executed at this site in 284.

The last tour in this cycle will take place in Ližnjan on April 28, starting at 11 at the beach Matićev pisak in Kuje bay. Guided an the underwater archaeologist named Ida Koncani Uhač, the visitors will take a tour of a monument to victims of a shipwreck that took place at this site some 100 years ago. On November 16, 1918, the ship Cesare Rossarol was split in half by a naval mine as it was making its way from Pula to Rovinj, sinking to a depth of 50 metres. The shipwreck preserved in the waters of Ližnjan is known as a local attraction, having given way to development of diving tourism in the area.

Named ‘Ližnjan Time Machine’, this attractive manifestation was organised by the Archaeological Museum of Istria and Ližnjan Municipality Tourist Board. Last year, the tours took visitors to the ancient settlement Nezakcij in Valtura, the church of Our Lady of Kuj in Ližnjan, and the fortress Monte Madonna in Šišan. The last monument on the list sparked so much interest from the public, it was made part of the project Visit Ližnjan – if you end up at this lovely destination in July or August, you’ll have a chance to attend a guided tour every Friday at 11. Bon voyage!


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