How to Avoid Crowds While on Holiday in Croatia

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Just the thought of spending your holiday constantly surrounded by swarms of people makes you anxious?  Read our 5 tips on how to avoid crowds while holidaying in Croatia.

1.Book a holiday during pre- or post-season

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Photo: Dragana Nikšić

Croatia is a very popular summer holiday destination owing to its beautiful coast and hundreds of islands waiting to be explored. But, with popularity and fame, comes the insurmountable number of tourists flocking to the Croatian coast each year. The record numbers of tourists staying in Croatia are broken year after year. With that in mind, wouldn’t you want to know how to avoid the busiest and the most crowded time of year? Well, for starters, if you can avoid, by any means, DON’T go during the high season, which is during the months of July and August. The absolute worst time of year, and by worst, we mean the most crowded, is from the end of July until the middle of August. We recommend visiting Croatia in June. Or if that’s too early for you, September is perfect! The weather is still very nice and sunny, the sea is warm ( a bit warmer in September than in June) and, most important of all, there are far fewer people, so you’ll rarely wait in line for any attraction or walk around town surrounded by the sea of tourists.


2.Know when to go sightseeing



So, you have to take that holiday of yours during July or August? That’s fine. Not many of us can choose when to go on holiday. But, you can choose when to go sightseeing. Well, the smartest thing to do is to go really early in the morning. For example, go around 7 A.M. if you wish to walk around Dubrovnik streets or walls. The sun is not as strong as it is at is around noon (or later) and you’ll get to see more since it will be easier to walk around, with fewer people slowing you down. Note, that Dubrovnik is especially popular – so be prepared for crowds even during those times. If you’re not a morning person, you could try and go to town after lunch instead of going to the beach. Also, if it rains during one of your days off, maybe don’t go to the town centre. A lot of people choose sightseeing instead of swimming during those rainy or cloudy days. We understand that you want to take advantage of time spent here and go sightseeing, but why not do something different and fun and take a swim in the rain! Or maybe go out to dinner somewhere outside the town centre, to a less popular dining spot? If you still think sightseeing during those cloudy and rainy days is a good idea, then who are we to stop you! We would probably do the same.


3.Avoid popular tourist spots



Well, this is a somewhat contradictory advice. Hey tourists, avoid tourist spots! Of course, it is almost impossible to avoid such places. You are a tourist after all. You want to see all those pretty sights and places you’ve seen in one of the tourist brochures or in your friend’s photo album or Facebook/Instagram post. And we definitely agree that some attractions and landmarks should not be avoided no matter how crowded it might get. The wait eventually pays off. But, some places, attractions and even streets you can steer clear of.The best way to find out what to see and what to avoid is to inform yourself. A lot. Ask locals, tour guides, hotel reception or just google to find out which places are a bit too overrated and not worth your time or money. Don’t just walk around the main streets, there are many smaller and less crowded streets just a few steps away. We recommend you also just take a stroll without a map or a guide and lose yourself in the maze of small and lovely streets. Who knows what you might stumble upon? Maybe a hidden treasure which yet hasn’t been ruined by the popularity and fame.


4.Hidden coves instead of popular crowded beaches




So far we’ve mentioned sightseeing, but what about crowded beaches you see a lot of during the summer months? Well, I’m afraid with the ever-growing number of tourists coming to Croatia in summer, the crowded beaches have become somewhat of a visual trademark of Croatian tourism. Depending on your choice of destination, and the choice is really wide, you will be able to choose from a small number of nearby beaches to a more substantial number of bathing spots. City beaches in bigger towns will most likely be overcrowded wherever you go, some less and some a lot. Try asking around or just walking around. Locals could definitely help you out and recommend the less crowded, hidden spots to cool off in the sea. If you choose any one of the many gorgeous islands in Croatia, there might be more hidden coves and wild beaches to choose from. Especially, if you’re sailing around the coast – they will be even easier to find and reach.

If your choice of holiday destination doesn’t seem to have a beach that is not overcrowded, please don’t be uncouth and ‘reserve’ your spot on the beach by leaving your stuff lying over night. It will probably be taken away. Just like they did in Makarska, for example. Also, follow our site as we discover and recommend the most beautiful and hidden beaches along the coast!

5.Be patient



So it’s high season and you’re visiting one of the most popular destinations in Croatia? It’s fairly unlikely that towns and beaches won’t be very crowded. Try following our tips and wherever you go, please be patient and calm.


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