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Landed in Croatia on holiday and looking for a flexible local phone, SMS and WiFi solution in one?

Summer in Croatia. The endless beaches, the countless islands, the cloudless skies, the pristine water. Whichever type of holiday you are looking for, you will find it on the Croatian coast, a true escape from the daily pressures of the normal routine back home.

But no matter how much you need to escape and relax on holiday, there is – at least for almost every tourist – one thing which they need from their normal lives back home.


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It is a sad truth that life in the 21st century cannot function without the Internet in our daily lives. Whether it is catching up on emails, posting our social media updates or checking the latest news and sport, there are few of us who can resist a little online time each day. Back home, Internet connections and setups are established, but what are the options when coming on holiday to a country like… Croatia?

Connectivity for travellers has been slowly evolving. It is not so long ago that the Internet café was king, the only option for tourists on the road to connect back home. Then came WiFi, and smarter cafes realised that offering paid or even free WiFi would attract more customers.

They may talk less in the café, but they were guaranteed to spend quite some time with their online café connection.

As a global player in communications, Vip has followed the trends and needs of people on the move, and has responded to the needs of tourists in Croatia, for example, by launching the Vipme 4G Tourist Sim Card for the 2017 season, offering the ultimate flexibility to new arrivals, from just 10 euro a week.

The package contains some basic essentials: one week of unlimited surfing, 100 minutes/SMS messages within Croatia, with no call set up fee, great prices on international minutes and SMS messages to your country, 4G speed, and TRIO SIM (standard, micro or nano SIM card). And, this being the cool Croatia where lots of Viber messages and photos will be sent, there are some free cool Croatian-themed Viber stickers, which you will enjoy sending to your family and friends back home.

Sounds a little more convenient than hunting for an Internet café…

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As one would expect from a big telecoms company, the distribution network and availability of the Vipme 4G Tourist Sim Card covers all corners of Croatia. Ask for it as kiosks, newspaper stands, supermarkets, post offices and VIP stores, price 80 kuna. To activate, insert the SIM card into the device of your choice – mobile phone, tablet, laptop or WiFi modem, then either connect to the Internet or make your first call. Your device and the Weekly package will be automatically activated at the price of 75 kuna.

Current consumption can be checked by sending an SMS to 13220 with keyword ?, and the same number can you used to extend the package (keyword WEEKLY) or to deactivate it (keyword D). Daily packages are also available for 15 kuna, giving 24 hours of unlimited surfing, which can be activated by keyword DAILY, and which will be automatically renewed unless deactivated by SMS.

To check the remaining balance your Vipme account, enter *101#, and press the call button. Recharging the Vipme account can be done via the Vip webshop, or via ATM machines, petrol stations, supermarkets and Vip stores all over Croatia.

Basic prices

Calls to landline networks in your country* (HRK/min) 0,44
Calls to all networks in Croatia (HRK/min) 1,02
SMS sent to all networks in Croatia and to your country* 0,44
Data traffic (HRK/MB) 0,44

All other prices are charged according to the current price list. A call setup fee of HRK 0,29 is applied to all calls.

*Prices apply to the following countries: Austria, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Great Britain.

To learn more about the Vip 4G Tourist Sim Card, and other Vip products, click here.

Summer in Croatia is here. A time to relax, enjoy and take it easy, safe in the knowledge that your all-important connectivity is just one kiosk visit and a couple of clicks away with the Vip 4G Tourist SIM Card.

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