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Leading Tourist Company Announces Massive Investment and New Job Opportunities

Lauren Simmonds

A 178 million kuna investment is on the cards for one leading company.

Plava Laguna Stimulates Employment With Wage Increases

Lauren Simmonds

Good news for Plava Laguna employees.

Government Urgently Increases Quota for Foreign Labour in Croatia

Lauren Simmonds

Looking for a job? Back in December last year, the government saw fit to increase the quota for foreign labour ...

Of 25,000 Newly Employed Croats, 21,500 Employed in Seasonal Jobs

Lauren Simmonds

Croatia’s seasonality is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to employment and economic woes.

Pula’s Pastry Shop Woes: ”Sorry, There’s Nobody To Serve You”

Lauren Simmonds

You just can’t get the staff. No, really.

”When The Season Comes, I Don’t Look For Work, Work Looks For Me”

Lauren Simmonds

There are some black stories around when it comes to the state of things workwise in Croatia, but for some, ...

Tourist Establishments in Panic, No Workers Despite Wage Increase?

Lauren Simmonds

You just can’t get the staff. Or can you? It depends…

Valamar’s Investments for 2018 Worth Around 700 Million Kuna

Lauren Simmonds

This year, Valamar has opened up to 600 new jobs and will employ about 6,600 employees from Istria and Kvarner ...

How Many Croats Actually Want to Work in Tourism?

Daniela Rogulj

Seasonal jobs include a number of occupations that are in demand, for which employers will already begin searching for potential candidates ...