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Exploring Croatian – The Oldest Known Slavic Alphabet – Glagolitic

Lauren Simmonds

We’ve explored many of the dialects, subdialects and indeed languages in their own right as some linguists consider them to ...

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A Brief History Of The Extinct Istrian-Albanian Language

Lauren Simmonds

We’ve looked into the three main dialects which make up modern standard Croatian as we know it today, Shtokavian, Kajkavian (and ...

Vjeran Zganec Rogulja/PIXSELL

Zagorje, Međimurje, Samobor and More – The Northwestern Kajkavian Dialect

Lauren Simmonds

We’ve looked into enough dialects and subdialects of the Croatian language to realise there’s much more to the language spoken ...

Swearing in Croatian – The Always Handy, Adaptable S Word

Lauren Simmonds

The S word is in Croatian what it also is in the English language, it’s shit. Quite literally, shit. It ...

Swearing in Croatian – The Curious Creativity of the K Word

Lauren Simmonds

K is the first letter of the word kurac, which, unlike the letter P which focuses entirely on the female ...

Swearing in Croatian: The Remarkable Diversity of the P Word

Lauren Simmonds

We’re going to take a look, letter by letter, at some ways swearing in Croatian differs quite extremely from swearing ...

Speaking Dalmatian – A Little Dictionary of (Mostly) Forgotten Words

Lauren Simmonds

For such a small country which uses it as their official language, Croatian is diverse. What are usually called ”dialects” ...

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People Also Ask Google: What Language Do They Speak in Istria?

Total Croatia News

Where is Istria? Istria is the biggest and northernmost peninsula in Croatia and the Adriatic. It lies in the northern ...

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Slavonia Students Spot 300 Spelling Mistakes In Names of Public Places

Total Croatia News

November 21, 2020 – How difficult is it to learn Croatian? Slavonia students from one high school learned it’s really ...

Lost in Translation in Croatia: Bears, Acid, and Worm Appetisers

Lauren Simmonds

August the 4th, 2019 – It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, partly because these linguistic ...

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