Swearing in Croatian – The Curious Creativity of the K Word

Lauren Simmonds

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K is the first letter of the word kurac, which, unlike the letter P which focuses entirely on the female sexual organ, focuses on the male one. And, just like the P word, swearing in Croatian and using the K word can be used in all sorts of situations, in fact, it wouldn’t really be out of place in just about any situation your mind can think of. Let’s delve deeper.

Isti kurac – Literally, ”the same dick”, but the correct English translation would simply be ”the same shit”. Bottled water and that free stuff you get from the tap? The same shit. All political parties? The same shit. 

Za misji kurac – Literally, ”for a mouse’s dick”. Struggling to make sense of just when the sexual organ of a small, impossibly cute rodent might be used in a sentence? I’ll help you out. ”God, that missed us by a mouse’s dick!”. ”That was close! For a mouse’s dick!”

Turski kurac – Literally, a ”Turkish dick”. You’d use this when describing someone who is pushy and/or aggressive in their approach. ”He came at me like a damn Turkish dick!”

Truli kurac – Something worthless, useless, a waste of time and energy. Something might also mean someone in this case, too.

Boli me kurac – This is a funny one, it literally translates to ”my dick hurts”, but not in the sense you’re thinking. Context is important when it comes to swearing in Croatian. The best way to really translate this would be ”I don’t give a shit” ”Like I give a shit” ”I couldn’t care less” or ”I’m not bothered at all” about whatever the issue at hand is.

Pun mi je kurac”My dick is full”. No, really. But it doesn’t mean it in the literal sense. This is used when you’re describing to someone just how much you’ve had enough of something. It’s a bit like saying you’re at the end of your rope or you’ve had enough of something (negative) to last you a lifetime. It can also be used how the Brits use the bizarre measurement of a ”f*ck tonne” of something. ”She has a f*ck tonne of shoes, surely she can lend you a pair” would be ”Ona ima pun kurac cipela, valjda ti moze posuditi jedne” in Croatian.

Kurac od ovce – Quite literally, ”a sheep’s dick”. In British English, you’d probably translate this as ”easy peasy” if you were using the child friendly version, or if you’re speaking freely in a room of adults, you’d probably say ”it was a piece of piss” (which is a very amusing British English term, because urine is a liquid, and I’m not sure how one obtains a ”piece of piss”, but I digress). It’s used to describe something very easy, something that was a piece of cake, and sometimes if something (or even someone) was worthless or a waste of time. Again, context is the best thing to look at when dropping sheep genitals into any given conversation.

(S)kurcan – To be listless in some way. To be neither here nor there.

M(a)rs/goni se u kurac – To put it politely, to go forth and multiply. To return to wherever you came from, or to get lost/to piss off.

Kurcina – Something went horribly wrong or in a way it definitely shouldn’t have.

Za kurac – Literally ”for the dick”. It’s a bit like saying something has ”gone to the dogs” in British English terminology. It’s when something is worthless, pointless, meaningless, or something that has gone to hell/to rot.

Ici na kurac – Used when something is getting on your nerves or irritating you.

Evo ti kurac ”You’re getting nothing.”

Kurac cu to napraviti – ‘‘There’s no way I’m going to do that.”

Kurcic – Literally, ”a small dick’‘. This is used to refer to an unimportant person, particularly in cases when said person thinks they’re something special.

Koji kurac? ”What the f*ck?”


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