Marjan Under Treatment: A Video of Split’s ‘Green Lungs’ Today

Daniela Rogulj

March 2, 2019 – Chances are, if you’re in Split, you’re more than aware that Marjan, the ‘Green Lungs’ of ...

Marjan Zoo Opens Again After 3 Years

Daniela Rogulj

Want to check out donkeys, sheep and ponies while exploring Split’s famous hill?

Marjan Day Program Announced: Free Buses, Jazz Music, Goulash and Dancing

Daniela Rogulj

Because who wouldn’t want to celebrate the green lungs of Split?

Marjan Makeover: 22.5 Million Kuna Project Will Revamp Split’s Famous Forest Park

Daniela Rogulj

A series of new content intended for citizens, visitors, and tourists will make Split’s famous hill even more attractive. 

WARNING! Beware of Wild Boar: Unwanted, Four-Legged Guest Returns to Marjan

Daniela Rogulj

If you’re planning on frequenting Marjan today, you might want to hold tight. 

Less Talking, More Helping: Green Dalmatia Launches Pilot Project to Restore Marjan Forest Park

Daniela Rogulj

A wonderful new initiative to ensure Marjan always remains the green lungs of our city. 

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Marjan Forest Park to Receive a Visitor Center Next Year!

Daniela Rogulj

The Ministry of Tourism has awarded 137,000 HRK for this project.

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Split in History: The Many Names of Marjan

Daniela Rogulj

A look at the many names of Marjan courtesy of the Facebook page Society of Friends of Cultural Heritage in ...

Day of the Donkey Returns to Marjan this Sunday!

Daniela Rogulj

Day of the Day is back at Marjan this weekend!

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Split in History: Marjan in Black and White

Daniela Rogulj

Today is the Day of Marjan. This day is celebrated each year on the first Sunday after May 9th, the ...