Ever Tried Croatian Single Vineyard Wines? Now’s The Time!

Valentina Silović

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July 31, 2023 – It’s the perfect time to uncover Croatian single vineyard wines, according to Wine&more.

“Single vineyard wine” is a term that frequently emerges when delving into the world of wine. It is often misused to promote a certain wine as better quality.

“Special Selection,” “Old Vines or Vieilles Vignes,” “Reserve,” and many other terms are used every day to enhance the appeal of a particular wine and increase sales.

It’s important for consumers to be aware of these marketing tactics and delve deeper into the specific qualifications and standards behind the terms used on wine labels. 

Let’s explore what sets Croatian single vineyard wines apart, discuss their quality and reputation, explore popular wine vineyards, and showcase some exceptional examples of single vineyard wines.

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What is a single vineyard wine?

A single vineyard wine refers to a wine that is produced exclusively from grapes grown in a specific vineyard site.

Unlike wines sourced from multiple vineyards or blended from various regions, single vineyard wines are crafted from grapes cultivated in a particular plot of land. 

This designation emphasizes the unique characteristics and distinctiveness of that specific vineyard’s terroir, including soil composition, microclimate, altitude, sun exposure, and vineyard management practices.

By focusing on a single vineyard, winemakers aim to showcase their individuality and express their inherent qualities in the resulting wine.

Enthusiasts and collectors often seek single vineyard wines for their ability to provide a sense of place and capture the essence of a specific terroir.

To be labeled as a single vineyard wine, regulations and requirements can vary across wine regions and countries.

In some regions, there may be specific rules or guidelines governing the use of this term, such as the vineyard size. 

Overall, the reason behind Single vineyard wines is the winemaker’s desire to express characteristics of that particular place that are accumulated in grapes.

Single vineyard wines offer wine enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the unique expressions of individual vineyards, highlighting the nuances and character that can arise from a specific plot of land.

They provide a fascinating glimpse into the intricate relationship between the vine, the terroir, the winemaker, and the resulting wine.

Are Single Vineyard wines better?

When discussing whether single vineyard wines are “better,” it’s essential to consider that wine preferences are subjective, and what constitutes a “better” wine can vary from person to person. 

However, we can explore several factors contributing to the perceived quality and unique expression often associated with single vineyard wines. Here are some key factors to consider:

Terroir Influence

Single vineyard wines are celebrated for their ability to showcase the specific terroir of a vineyard site. Factors such as:

  • soil composition, 
  • climate, 
  • elevation, 
  • sun exposure, and
  • cultivation method

can significantly impact grape development and flavour profiles. By focusing on a single vineyard, winemakers can craft wines that truly express the distinct characteristics of that particular terroir, offering a genuine sense of place and identity.

Image of panoramic view of Kutjevo Winery appellation Hrnjevac

Vineyard Management

Single vineyard wines often require meticulous vineyard management practices. Dedicated winemakers often make additional efforts to nurture and maintain the health of the vines within a specific plot.

This level of care can result in healthier grapes, better ripeness, and more concentrated flavours, ultimately contributing to the perceived quality of the wine.

Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail:

Producing a single vineyard wine requires an elevated level of craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout the winemaking process. 

Winemakers must carefully monitor and tailor their techniques to bring out the best qualities of the grapes from that particular vineyard. 

This hands-on approach and precision in winemaking can contribute to the overall excellence and complexity of the final wine.

This is in direct contradiction with proclaimed hands-off approach in expressing terroir and even the naturalistic delusion that wines are more discovered than made.

A true challenge for the consumer here is to differentiate between the stylistic tuning of the wine and the delicate efforts of expressing a particular place.

Limited Production and Rarity:

Single vineyard wines are logically produced in limited quantities compared to wines sourced from multiple vineyards.

This limited production can create a sense of exclusivity and rarity, making these wines highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. 

The perceived scarcity can contribute to the perception of higher quality and desirability. However, in many cases, single vineyard wines will be only slightly more expensive than other wines of the particular winery.

Wine Ageability and Cellaring Potential:

Single vineyard wines, when well-crafted, can exhibit excellent aging potential. This has nothing to do with the lone fact the wine is sourced from a single vineyard, but it should.

The whole point of making Single vineyard wine is in the focused expression of the vineyard’s terroir and the quality of the grapes used that can contribute to making greater wines. And greater wines usually mean those that evolve and improve over time. 

This longevity and the ability to age gracefully should be seen as an indicator of the wine’s quality and complexity.

Therefore, it’s important to note that while these factors can contribute to the perceived quality of single vineyard wines, they are no guarantees.

There are exceptional wines produced from multiple vineyards or blended wines that also showcase remarkable craftsmanship and express a unique sense of place.

Also, numerous wines will use the “Single vineyard” tag just to position themselves better on the market.

Ultimately, knowing and understanding a particular wine and its history or purpose is the only thing that will help you to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Largest Single Vineyard in the World

Image of panoramic view over largest vinseyard in the world Ćemovsko Polje from Plantaže 13. Jul Winery

The world’s largest vineyard in a single location is located in one of the smallest countries. The European country of Montenegro is home to 2307 hectares (5700 acres) of vineyard called “Ćemovsko field” owned by the Plantaže winery. It nurtures 28 different varieties, but the dominant is the indigenous “Vranac” variety.

However, the size of a vineyard does not correlate with the production of single-vineyard wines. 

The concept of a single vineyard wine pertains to wines made exclusively from grapes grown within a specific vineyard site, highlighting the unique characteristics of that particular terroir.

Single vineyard wines are often crafted from smaller, carefully selected vineyards that exhibit exceptional qualities and express a distinct sense of place.

A more helpful question would be, what is the smallest vineyard in the World? The size of a vineyard, whether large or small, does not determine whether it produces single vineyard wines.

When discussing the largest vineyards in the world, it is separate from the concept of single vineyard wines, which emphasize the singularity and unique expression of a specific vineyard site in the final product.

Popular wine vineyards

Some of the most sought-after wines worldwide are also some famous Single-vineyard wines. According to its philosophy, Burgundy is an example of countless Single-vineyard wines, many of which are counted among the most unique in the world.

However, Single-vineyard wines aren’t necessarily some hard-to-get unicorn wines. In Croatia, there are numerous examples of extraordinary wines coming from vineyards with unique characteristics. 

The region’s oldest and most awarded winery, Kutjevo 1232, has nurtured vines in different positions since the 13th century.

Image of the oldest Croatian wine cellar at the Kutjevo Winery

Owning 420 hectares of their own vineyards on the southern slopes of Papuk and Krndija makes them one of the largest producers in Croatia.

At Kutjevo, they have always recognized the potential of the grapes from unique vineyards, but recently they started making Single-Vineyard wines for the market. 

There are 4 distinguished vineyard positions where Kutjevo grows vines:

  • Vinkomir
  • Vetovo
  • Hrnjevac
  • Koria


Situated in a picturesque setting, below on the most popular viewpoints in the Kutjevo region, Vinkomir Vineyard stands as a testament to the rich winemaking heritage that has flourished within its grounds.

Established in 1992 and expanded in 1994, this vineyard boasts some of the finest plantings in the region, particularly of the revered Riesling grape variety.

Encompassing an impressive area of 35 hectares, Vinkomir Vineyard is a haven for a diverse range of grape varieties. Riesling takes center stage, showcasing its classic aromatics and vibrant acidity.

Alongside Riesling, the vineyard nurtures other esteemed varietals such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot, but also Graševina.

The south-facing orientation of the vineyard ensures ample sunlight exposure, optimizing the grapes’ ripening process and contributing to the development of nuanced flavours.

This ideal positioning also allows for fully expressing each varietal’s unique characteristics, adding depth and complexity to the resulting wines.

The soil composition at Vinkomir Vineyard further enhances the vineyard’s terroir. Characterized by a loamy-sand texture, the soil provides excellent drainage while retaining sufficient moisture, allowing the vines to thrive.

This soil type contributes to the distinctive flavour profiles and texture found in the wines produced from this remarkable site.

Vinkomir Vineyard exemplifies a harmonious marriage between tradition and innovation, where meticulous vineyard management practices and deep respect for the land converge.

With its timeless charm and commitment to quality, Vinkomir Vineyard continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of wine.


Nestled in a captivating landscape, Vetovo Vineyard stands as a testament to a continuation of winemaking legacy from 1989. 

This vineyard site proudly boasts the oldest vineyards in the region, primarily dedicated to the renowned Graševina grape variety.

Encompassing a sprawling area of 72 hectares, Vetovo Vineyard is a haven for various grape cultivars.

Alongside the esteemed Graševina, the vineyard nurtures other notable varietals such as Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Sauvignon Blanc.

The vineyard’s south and southwest orientation maximises exposure to the sun’s gentle rays, ensuring optimal ripening conditions for the grapes.

This ideal positioning allows for the development of rich flavours and nuanced characteristics, leading to wines with depth and structure.

The soil composition at Vetovo Vineyard plays a vital role in shaping the wines’ distinctive character. With a blend of clay and sandy textures, the soil provides excellent water retention capabilities while promoting proper drainage.

This unique soil type lends a particular mineral quality to the wines, enhancing their complexity and adding depth to their profiles.

Vetovo Vineyard is another testament to the seamless interplay between tradition and innovation.

With meticulous vineyard management practices and a deep respect for the land, the winemakers at Vetovo Vineyard craft wines that embody the essence of their position.

Whether indulging in a vibrant and aromatic Graševina or exploring the delicate nuances of Chardonnay, Vetovo Vineyard offers a sensory journey that showcases the vineyard’s characteristics and commitment to quality winemaking.


Hrnjevac Vineyard embodies a delicate balance between time-honoured tradition and innovative viticultural practices.

This vineyard site showcases a fascinating combination of old vines rooted in history and a recent clone selection project that began in 2020 as part of the Conversion and Restructuring of Vineyard’s initiative.

Spanning an impressive 63 hectares, Hrnjevac Vineyard is home to a diverse array of grape varieties. The esteemed Graševina leads the way, which constitutes 50% of the vineyard’s plantings.

Alongside Graševina, the vineyard nurtures a selection of renowned varietals, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, and Gewürztraminer.

Situated with a strategic south orientation, Hrnjevac Vineyard benefits from ample sunlight exposure. The gentle embrace of the sun’s rays fosters optimal grape ripening, enabling the development of vibrant flavours and a captivating expression of the terroir.

The soil at Hrnjevac Vineyard, characterised by its loamy-sand texture, offers a harmonious environment for vine growth.

This unique composition allows for proper drainage and moisture retention, striking a balance that contributes to the vine’s health and the resulting wine’s character.

With its combination of ancient vines, particularly the Graševina micro-location dedicated to producing predicate (ice) wines since 1985, and the recent clone selection project, Hrnjevac Vineyard represents a beautiful synergy between tradition and innovation.


Image of bottles of Koria wines on the decorated table from Kutjevo Winery

The enchanting Koria vineyard lies under the protective embrace of the forest canopy on the southern slopes of Krndija, the oldest Croatian mountain range.

This idyllic vineyard position is home to carefully selected plantings of Graševina, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Noir varieties.

The wines produced from this remarkable site are adorned with elegance and layered complexity and possess a promising potential for long-term aging.

The vineyards at Koria were planted in 2009, focusing on cultivating Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. 

Spanning across a modest area of 5.90 hectares, the vineyard is a testament to the delicate interplay between nature and human craftsmanship.

The southwest orientation of the vineyard ensures a harmonious balance of sunlight exposure. This strategic positioning allows the grapes to bask in the sun’s gentle rays, contributing to their optimal ripening and the development of rich flavours.

Koria Vineyard’s soil, characterised by its loam composition, provides an ideal foundation for vine growth.

With its balanced mix of clay, silt, and sand, the soil offers excellent water retention and drainage properties, creating an environment where the vines can thrive and produce grapes of exceptional quality.

The wines crafted from Koria Vineyard reflect the meticulous care and dedication put into every aspect of the winemaking process.

From the vibrant expressions of Riesling to the depth and structure of Cabernet Sauvignon, each bottle showcases the unique character and terroir of this extraordinary site.

Single Vineyard Wine Examples

Each wine showcased in this selection encapsulates the character and expression of its respective vineyard, weaving a tale of terroir, craftsmanship, and exquisite taste.

Discover the following Single-Vineyard wines:

Koria Macerated Graševina

Indulge in the allure of KORIA, a boutique wine that exemplifies the vision, richness, and diversity of the Kutjevo winemaking region. This dry wine displays a deep, thick golden colour, captivating the eye. 

Crafted with meticulous care and prolonged maceration, the aromatic profile unveils dominant notes of vanilla and ripe pear, complemented by hints of dried grass, almonds, and apricots.

On the palate, KORIA reveals a partial warmth and softness, gracefully balanced by well-composed tannins and a medium body.

Its exceptional freshness, minerality, and salinity elevate this wine to new heights, bestowing it with an impressive character, fine quality, intense flavours, and a rich aftertaste.

We recommend savouring KORIA at a temperature of 12-14 °C. This wine pairs beautifully with an array of dishes, including turkey with thin, dried flatbread, veal shank, roasted imperial meat/ribs, fish with vegetables, truffle pasta, or semi-aged goat or sheep cheese.

As part of the limited series, KORIA epitomises complexity, layering, and a lingering finish.

Its captivating nature beckons the company of discerning wine enthusiasts, calling for top-notch gastronomic accompaniments to fully relish its charms.

Koria Cuvee

Experience the sublime union of Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir in Koria Cuvée, a wine that beautifully balances their distinct characteristics with subtlety and elegance. 

Pronounced tannins reminiscent of Cabernet meld seamlessly with the varietal blackberry notes, while delicate earthy tones of cherry, characteristic of Pinot, add complexity.

With a careful maceration and fermentation process spanning three weeks, followed by years of age in 1500 to 3000-litre barrels, Koria Cuvée captures the best of both worlds.

The wine presents a captivating garnet colour, while the bouquet and taste showcase pronounced fruitiness alongside alluring aromas of chocolate, vanilla, and delicate spicy nuances that linger in the aftertaste.

To fully appreciate Koria Cuvée, we recommend serving it at a temperature of 14-16 °C. This wine pairs exceptionally well with steak, roasted duck, lamb, or venison, enhancing the enjoyment of these exquisite dishes.

As part of the limited series, Koria wines culminate the vision, richness, and diversity of this particular Kutjevo terroir.

Vinkomir Graševina

Embark on a remarkable tasting journey with Vinkomir Vineyard, a destination that transports wine enthusiasts to the heart of its unique site.

Nestled on the southern slopes of Mount Krndija, at the foot of the majestic Kapovac, this wine-growing location is truly one-of-a-kind.

The single vineyard line of premium Graševina is crafted from meticulously hand-picked and selected grapes. Each sip captures the essence and spirit of the place where this wine was born, offering a sensory experience that resonates with every glass.

Indulge in the remarkable ripe, rich flavours of Vinkomir Vineyard’s premium Graševina and be captivated by the harmonious interplay between terroir and craftsmanship.

While enjoying cold cuts, poultry, domestic sausages, risotto, and other gastronomic delicacies that perfectly complement Vinkomir Graševina’s character, experience the true essence of Vinkomir Vineyard.

Graševina De Gotho

Image of a bottle of  Kutjevo Winery Graševina de Gotho wine with a glass in the vineyard

Indulge in the enchanting allure of De Gotho Graševina, a wine that captivates the senses with its exquisite aromas and refined complexity.

Opening with dominant fragrant associations, this award-winning wine reveals fruity notes of peach, ripe apple, and quince, accompanied by a delicate touch of floral nuances.

Hand-picked grapes from a special appellation in Vetovo contribute to the exceptional quality of this golden-yellow, crystal-clear wine. 

De Gotho Graševina is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and careful ageing in Slavonian oak barrels, resulting in a full-bodied taste, refined maturity, and impressive shelf life.

To fully enjoy this refined wine, we recommend serving it at a temperature of 10-12 °C. De Gotho Graševina pairs harmoniously with white meat dishes, white freshwater fish, and aromatic, complex, and spicy culinary creations.

Discover the layered nuances and refined character of De Gotho Graševina as it showcases the true essence of Vetovo. With its fine craftsmanship and exquisite flavours, this wine promises an unforgettable sensory experience.

Single vineyard wines hold a distinct allure in the world of viticulture. From their intimate connection to terroir to their representation of craftsmanship and quality, these wines continue to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike. 

Whether you’re a wine aficionado or simply curious about the nuanced world of winemaking, exploring single vineyard wines promises a delightful experience filled with unique flavours and a deeper understanding of the art of wine production.

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