Uncover Korčula: Where White Wines Reign Supreme

Valentina Silović

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March 18, 2024. – Are you seeking a one-of-a-kind island wine adventure? If yes, join us and our friends from Wine & more as we explore the sunny shores of Croatia and uncover the white wine treasures of Korčula Island.

Korčula Indigenous Varieties

Korčula’s wines have a distinctive character shaped by the island’s diverse terroir and ancient winemaking heritage. These local grapes have adapted to the island’s climate and terrain, contributing to the uniqueness of Korčula’s wine profile:

  • Grk: Exclusive to the sandy soils of Lumbarda. Grk produces white wines with complex aromas and a touch of bitterness, featuring hints of ripe fruit and herbal notes.
  • Pošip: Thriving across Korčula. Pošip is known for its crisp acidity and refreshing dryness, offering flavors of citrus, apple, and a floral bouquet.
  • Rukatac (Maraština): Predominantly found in certain areas of the island. Rukatac yields gentle wines with soft textures, perfect for pairing with seafood dishes.

Signature White Wines from Korčula

Korčula’s white wines, crafted from these indigenous grape varieties, offer a tantalizing taste of the island’s terroir:

  • Pošip wines, with their robust flavors and Mediterranean herb notes, exemplify the harmony between grapevine and climate conditions.
  • Grk wines dazzle with their crispness and enchanting almond and wildflower aromas, inviting wine enthusiasts to savor their unique character.

Notable Wineries on Korčula

Korčula’s wineries hold the testament to the island’s rich wine-growing legacy. Here are some of the must-visit ones.

  • Merga Victa (also known as Black Island Winery) stands out with its commitment to Pošip. From the heart of Smokvica, this winery takes pride in producing exquisite white wines that embody the essence of Korčula’s terroir. They inherit the most essential of the winemaking tradition of Pošip in Korčula island.
  • Šain Marelić, a gem located on the island, continues a family tradition steeped in the art of winemaking. Their dedication shines through each bottle, offering a taste of history and passion.
  • At Krajančić Winery, innovation meets tradition, creating spectacular wines that speak to both modern palates and age-old customs. The vineyard showcases an impressive selection of wines that capture the imagination with every sip.
  • Renowned for their commitment to excellence, Nerica Winery has carved out a space among Korčula’s finest. Visitors here can indulge in robust flavors and discover what makes Nerica a beloved name on the island.
  • Pecotić-Baran Winery is a new name, inheriting an intimate connection with its surroundings in Smokvica. Each vintage they craft is a celebration of the Pošip variety, coming from historically recognized positions.

As these special white wines gain fame worldwide, winemakers from places like Black Island Winery welcome enthusiasts to taste them. These wines are just as much a part of Korčula’s identity as its beautiful landscapes.

KORČULA Wine Tasting Notes

Taste Merga Victa Pošip, a truly radiant white wine from Korčula. Each sip reveals fresh citrus notes and ripe stone fruit flavors, wrapped in a dry yet inviting character. Crafted with care by artisans Nikola Mirosevic and Igor Radovanovic, this wine reflects the rugged terrain of its vineyards in Smokvica. Fermented and aged with precision, it’s a rare jewel among island white wines.

Another captivating wine from Korčula is the Dalmatian Dog Pošip, a white wine that elegantly unfolds on the palate, revealing a harmonious blend of zesty citrus, ripe peach, and subtle Mediterranean herb aromas. This Pošip wine is medium-bodied and inviting, encouraging you to enjoy its charms sip by sip.

It’s pure and full of flavors waiting to be discovered, reflecting the wild spirit of the Dalmatian coast. Each grape is carefully handpicked in the cool morning, preserving its freshness. Every step of its journey, from vineyard to vat, is done with respect for tradition.

Pošip Sur Lie from Merga Victa Winery is a golden elixir steeped in tradition. Within its opulent aroma, ripe stone fruits like peach and apricot mingle with hints of yellow flowers, vanilla, toast, and almonds, drawing you deeper into its embrace. The long, lingering finish on the palate celebrates the sur lie method, which adds depth and character through patient and dedicated aging.

Grapes undergo careful maceration and fermentation at low temperatures before spending 24 months aging in medium-fired wooden barrels of American, French, and Slavonian oak, enhancing its complexity. Merga Victa Pošip Sur Lie embodies the timeless essence of the land and the dedication of its winemakers.


Embark on a journey to Korčula and you’ll discover unique Dalmatian varieties, such as the distinctive Grk and Pošip. The wines speak volumes about Korčula’s rich winemaking heritage. Korčula wine, especially those born from the storied vineyards of Smokvice, intertwines tradition and excellence.

NOTE: The article was originally written at wineandmore.com


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