Best Places to Take Kids on Vacation in Dalmatia

Katarina Anđelković

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September 18, 2023 – We have explored the options, and though it’s not a big country, Croatia offers an incredible amount of places and activities for just about anyone. So far, we looked at all the top places to take your kids in Eastern Croatia, Central Croatia, and Istria. In our tour from east to west to south, let us now suggest just a few of the best places to take kids on vacation in Dalmatia.

Dalmatia is like the chaotic little sister of Istria. Where Istria is nice, elegant, and organized, Dalmatia is messy, crowded, and loud – and we love her for it. Besides, Dalmatians have the perfect recipe to combat all that. One thing is for sure, anyway – if you’re looking for a fun vacation for kids in Dalmatia, head in any direction and you’ll find something. There are beautiful beaches and mountains, plenty of history, quirky activities, you name it.

Splashy Fun

Yes, there is so much more to vacations with kids than theme parks, but we can’t help our first thought being pools and slides and how much fun it all is! There are two main water parks in Dalmatia, and both offer enough for a nice full day out.

Dalmaland in Biograd na moru is the new and improved version of the old Fun Park Mirnovec. Covering an area of 65,000 m2 with over 40 attractions and rides, it would be a challenge to go to Dalmaland and not have fun. The attractions include big, fast, scary rides and free-fall waterslides, slow-paced and relaxed rides and slides, hydromassage chairs, and more to accommodate all ages and tastes. And when the hunger inevitably kicks in, there are 5 bars offering different cuisines. Dalmaland also organizes events and birthdays for kids!

A slightly more relaxed establishment, Aquapark Dalmatia in Amadria’s Solaris Resort near Šibenik offers just as much fun. Situated on over 8,000 m2, there are plenty of slides, jets, sprinklers, and waterfalls. A variety of activities and attractions include the famous “lazy river”, and a large barrel on a rain fortress. The Splash Bar will have you covered for refreshments and quick bites as well.

Solaris Aquapark

Dalmatia Full of Educational Activities for Kids

The main goals of City Game Croatia are for you to have fun, travel and learn a part of Croatian history at the same time. With their treasure hunt heritage quests you can explore Croatian history all in a game organized by licensed guides. By solving puzzles in Zadar, Split or Nin, you will discover local heritage that is under UNESCO protection. The cities they cover are culturally, historically, and architecturally significant for Croatia, and definitely should be on your list of the best places to take kids on vacation in Dalmatia. This small excursion is suitable for families looking for fun vacations with kids, individuals, couples, and tourists who want to see the city from a different perspective.

City Game Croatia

If you’re looking for a mix of magical and mysterious, try the Krka Eco Campus, an educational visitor center with reception facilities intended for children, researchers, and volunteers. Children first, as most of the content is meant for them. You can visit the Archaeological and Natural History Collection and the Nature Laboratory with a permanent interactive exhibition of interesting things from the fields of the living world and science that children discover on their own. There is a playground in the garden as well. The environment is an important part of this center, so make sure you go on a walk and spend time in the fresh air. Also visit the waterfalls of the upper reaches of the Krka River and the remains of the Roman military camp Burnum.

Solana Nin

For some niche content and unexpected fun, why not try the Nin House of Salt. This little establishment is an enchanting museum of the only ecological salt pan of the Adriatic Sea. As they say, it will delight you with words, pictures, and its work. You will learn all about the hard work resulting in valuable things that they preserve for future generations. Immerse yourself in their story of salt.

Underwater World and Heads on PLates

Everyone knows how monumental the walls of Dubrovnik are. We’re sure you will explore them from the outside but do also take a peek inside. The Dubrovnik Sea Institute is located in a medieval fortress and hides and aquarium with a diverse, rich animal and plant life from the Adriatic Sea. Clean and fresh seawater constantly flows through the pools in the atrium with a total volume of 115 m3. It changes up to 10 times a day through a system of four high-pressure pumps, with a pressure of 200 liters per second and a gravity pool with a capacity of 150 m3.

More pools are located in the original cannon rooms of the fortress. Visitors can also see the fascinating living world of many fish and invertebrates that hide using mimicry, and our eyes hardly recognize them from the surrounding rocks and plants. There is an octopus that constantly guards its territory, and their trademark seahorse that swims slowly and upright or attaches itself to seaweed and plants with its “tail”. This is an opportunity to see all kinds of sea fish, the dangerous snake-like moray eels and peaceful ospreys. You will, of course, find some crustaceans chilling there as well.

Last, but not least, it just would not be right not to mention one of the most recent Croatian inventions that took the world of attractions for kids and tourists to a new level. As they emphasize, the fascinating world of illusions will shake your confidence in your senses but delight you at the same time. It will completely confuse you, but also teach you a lot. Nothing is as it seems in the Museum of Illusions. An even bigger, even better, even more fascinating adventure awaits at the Zadar Museum of Illusions, the largest in this part of Europe.


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