‘Tesla Anonymous’: a New Take on the Brilliant Inventor

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An intriguing play is premiering tonight at Gavella Theatre in Zagreb: ‘Tesla Anonymous’, created by playwright and director Filip Šovagović and dedicated to Nikola Tesla.

Tesla’s secretive personal life has always presented a subject of interest for researchers and the general public alike. Šovagović, as it turns out, is equally intrigued. “Tesla’s contribution to civilisation and humankind is recognised, but at the same time not very well known. I’ll try to shed some light on some of the lesser known events from the life of the incredible inventor”, announced the director.

Thinking about the consequences of Tesla’s work, as well as the impact his discoveries had on society and the awareness of people, Šovagović mused if Tesla might have made a mistake in trying to make the world a better place. “The inventions that he wanted to make available to all of us ended up in the hands of leading industrial magnates who are turning an increasing profit under the auspices of ‘progress’, broadening the gap between the rich and the poor. I’m almost certain Tesla figured that out at one point and kept most of his inventions private, not documenting them at all. In such a context, it’s possible to depict Tesla as an actual hero of his time.” he stated.

The play is performed by Marko Petrić, Andrej Dojkić, Antonija Stanišić Speranda, Natalija Đorđević, Tara Rosandić, Đorđe Kukuljica, Filip Šovagović and Fadil Abdulov Fafa.

‘Tesla Anonymous’ premieres today, 24 May at Gavella at 8 PM.



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