The Hvar Wine Tasting Summer Continues: Next Stop Vrboska!

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The Hvar Wine Association is back in action in Vrboska – a very special night ahead. 

Truly Amazing Video of the Easter Procession “Following the Cross”

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I will never understand. No matter what I do, I will never get it. I can feel it is something ...


Following the Cross Procession: Meet the Crossbearers – Joško Krstinić from Vrboska

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We continue the series of interviews done by Vilma Stojković from Hvar / Unesco website with the crossbearers. Vrboska is ...

A Piece of the Easter Procession in Milan Next Week

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As the Easter is slowly approaching, Jelsa is getting very quiet, which is understandable as during lent, many people are ...

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Vrboska on a Sunday Afternoon

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It is warm enough to get around the island by bike these days. That is, if you get lucky and ...

Find The Best Croatian Island Products in One Place

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  There are so many souvenir shops in Jelsa and on Hvar in general. I assume, it′s normal in a ...

In the UK and Missing Hvar? Thursday, Channel 4, 16:00

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Are those British winter nights drawing in already? Back at school or the office and dreaming of Croatia’s premier island? ...


Hvar Artist Retreat Began in Vrboska

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The annual Hvar Artist Retreat began in Vrboska on Sunday and will last until September 14. (all photos: GoHvarBlog.com) With ...

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Vrboska Beaches in September – Glavice Beach

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The place is an absolute heaven – a special atmosphere of naturist swimmers and sailboats with a great view at ...

A View of Vrboska the Old-Fashioned Way

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Living in the era of digital cameras with lots of pictures done while walking through a beautiful city, it is ...

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