Learning Croatian: Lesson 20 – Hvar Dialect Health Terminology

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One of the great joys of coming to Jelsa of course is catching up with Professor Frank John Dubokovich, Guardian of the Hvar Dialects. 

It is not almost seven years since The Professor hit YouTube with his iconic Dalmatian grunt, and his career has really taken off, as he appeared first on national television and then a British reality show, where he had the British participants in stitches and grunting with the best of them. 

Although now a global star, The Professor has not forgotten his roots, and he kindly agreed to yet one more lesson to his adoring – mostly young and female – flock, with his unique Hvar dialect lessons, ably assisted by young Vivian. 

The subject is health, rather apt as this year marks 150 years of organised tourism in Europe, which began with the founding of the Hvar Health Society way back in 1868.


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