2Cellos Relax in Dubrovnik Before World Tour

Lauren Simmonds

The internationally loved 2Cellos are relaxing in the Pearl of the Adriatic before they head off on their world tour.

Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser are without a doubt two of the best ”Croatian and Slovenian products” when it comes to music and seemingly endless creativity. The pair form the well known and well loved 2Cellos and are famed for their incredible musical talent all over the world.

The pair are also known for their continually ”down to earth” attitude and always appear ready to mingle, talk and take photos with their adoring fans and with the media. Things are no different as the two talented artists relax in the Pearl of the Adriatic before heading off on their world tour next month. As DuList reported on the 9th of June, 2017, the two men are lapping up some of the best of Dubrovnik, with the beautiful island of Lokrum finding itself the subject of particular praise from Stjepan Hauser on the popular social media-come-photo sharing app Instagram.

This year, 2Cellos releated their fourth album entitled ”Score”, the album is set to be presented at the United Kingdom’s London Paladium, otherwise one of Europe’s most prestigious venues.

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