Bagatin VISIA Analysis: An Eye-Opening Experience for Your Skin

Daniela Rogulj

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Something about being in your early 30s awakens a wellness side of you that didn’t quite exist before. At least not during your far-more careless 20s. 

Your age also becomes slightly more visible after you enter this new decade, with lines forming in places you once believed your skin would never see. I now understand why my godfather begged me to stop being so animated with my face when I was 10 – “because those lines will stay.” I should have listened. 

But laugh lines don’t worry me that much anymore. Sure, they’re more prevalent at 31 than at 28, but they also add character (so I kid myself). 

However, I was more interested in seeing what kind of shape my skin was in, given a long history of issues, from acne in my teens to early 20s to learning I had rosacea at 25. It had been too long since I had visited a dermatologist, so before booking a treatment that would set me back 100 euros and may or may not be suitable for my skin, I decided to visit the best and dig deep into all of my skin’s layers with the Bagatin VISIA Analysis. 

Located in the Dioklecijan Hotel & Residence building, Bagatin Polyclinic confirmed its status as the best dermatological clinic in Europe in 2018 by opening a Split location in January 2019, guaranteeing the best possible approach, staff expertise, and state-of-the-art technological equipment for all skin changes, but also in erasing signs of aging. This new clinic brings Croatia’s best wellness sanctuary to Splićani without having to trek to Zagreb. And I am so happy they’re just a 10-minute walk from my house. 


So, what is this Bagatin VISIA Analysis anyway? 

At Polyclinic Bagatin, we provide our clients individual consultation and analysis with the help of the advanced digital skin analysis system VISIA. This scientific approach uses a perfected imaging system combined with direct consultations with one of our medical experts. The VISIA skin analysis system’s results help create a framework for any treatment programme, adjusted for each client.

Knowing your unique skin profile is the first step towards complexion health and vitality. VISIA can determine the state of your skin, both on the surface and underneath it. The multispectral image and analysis from the VISIA system give a clear, multidimensional insight into the individual aspects of your complexion, which affects your overall look and serves as a guide in a personalized skin treatment programme.

Namely, the VISIA system uses multispectral imaging and analysis to look deeper into six areas – wrinkles, spots, pores, complexion evenness (variations of complexion color), porphyrins (presence of bacteria in pores), and UV spots (photodamage characteristics and typical for excess exposure to sun).

VISIA also gives a thorough analysis of your complexion compared to other women in their database containing thousands of profiles. The analysis itself takes a few minutes, as the machine takes photos of the left, front, and right sides of your face. The Bagatin specialists then suggest the best treatments and skincare regimens right for you.

I met with Daniela (yes, we share the same, which made the experience all the more fun) for my analysis, who shared an incredible amount of expertise into skin issues, especially about issues I thought had passed. For example, learning that my true skin age was essentially right on target (phew) but that my poor skin is extremely dehydrated due to various conditions (rosacea, broken capillaries, and inflammation, all of which should be treated soon) was incredibly eye-opening. Learning that most of these fine lines will likely vanish after taking the proper care was also an enormous relief. 


I spent over 30 minutes with Daniela, who explained each intricate detail, from natural tips to treat problem areas and products I should stop using now based on my skin type. She even advised against using cotton pads or makeup remover wipes as they can be too abrasive for my sensitive skin. 

The overall experience, while humbling, was perhaps the biggest surprise I’ve had in my 30s so far – in a good way. Daniela created a treatment plan she thinks would help my skin issues, with pricing explained and products to follow ONLY IF my skin takes to them during the treatment. 

Daniela’s patience and non-pushy attitude made me want to book my next appointment ASAP, though it’s probably best I wait until the holiday season ends to get the best results. 

Bagatin, you’ve certainly earned your status as the best dermatological clinic in Europe.

You can read more about the Bagatin VISIA Analysis HERE and their other services on their website

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