Drones Plant Self-Germinating Tree Seed Packets in Grubisno Polje

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As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, what took place at Grubisno Polje is the Croatian O2 Project, the first afforestation campaign in Croatia to be carried out in this brand new and modern way using the product Seed Bombs, which are self-germinating packets of tree seeds.

The founders of the Croatian O2 project, Dusan Jelic and Goran Ladisic jointly devised natural and ecological solutions for growing young shoots and afforestation, which will reduce excessive emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) responsible for climate change. They explained in more detail what exactly the Seed Bombs product represents.

“In Seed Bombs, in addition to the primary seed of the trees, there are also seeds of accompanying plant species. It isn’t enough to simply plant a certain number of large trees for successful afforestation. Such a principle leads to the development of the culture of that type of tree alone, and not the development of a healthy forest habitat (a healthy ecosystem).

Furthermore, a large amount of CO2 is absorbed not only by trees but also by other parts of a healthy ecosystem (soil, grass, shrubs). Therefore, we define the afforestation’s success according to the number of m2 of the restored ecosystem, and not one tree. The O2 project brings innovations in the field of biotechnology and the forestry sector, through the development of the first autonomous fleet of drones for rapid afforestation and the restoration of forest ecosystems. An innovative and patented formula for the production of protective seed bombs guarantees the high efficiency of seedling germination from seed material, and supports their rapid development in their first years of life,” explained Goran Ladisic from the O2 Project.

The afforestation initiative at Grubisno Polje was joined by students from the Ivan Nepomuk Jemersic Elementary School which is close to the area, supported by Mayor Zlatko Madjeruh, residents of Grubisno Polje, as well as journalists and volunteers. The whole afforestation action took place with the help of Milan Domazet and Ivan Vidakovic from the company AIR RMLD, whose drone was used for afforestation, while Ljubomir Lokin from 3D Tech made the seed thrower.

The initiative was also supported by the insurance company Grawe, whose numerous employees participated in the project.

The President of the Management Board of Grawe, Natasa Kapetanovic, pointed out that the project wanted to emphasise the importance of applying a scientific approach in initiatives to preserve our planet.

”The scientific principles of the O2 Project have shown us that there’s really a big difference between the spontaneous planting of trees and complete afforestation. With a comprehensive approach to afforestation using technological innovations, the O2 Project can further educate us about the important facts of reducing the carbon footprint and new principles of better construction and the preservation of a healthy ecosystem,” said Kapetanovic.

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