Nimfa Calypso: A Perfume Inspired by the Scent of Mljet

Daniela Rogulj

Your sense of smell is closely linked with your sense of memory, so it only makes sense that a perfume would be the best souvenir to relive your experiences. Such is the story of Nimfa Calypso, a perfume inspired by the island of Mljet.

Tamara Luković, a woman from Zagreb, discovered a burning love for the island of Mljet. It was particularly Goveđari that struck her fancy, and that is where she and her husband, Zoran from Dubrovnik, renovated an old house and former school into their home and gallery, the place where they created a perfume to unite intoxicating smells of Mljet, reports HRTurizam on August 4, 2017. 

Inspired by the Greek epic Odyssey, the perfume tells the legend of the love between the sea nymph Calypso and Odysseus who was captured on an island many believe to be the island of Mljet – thus becoming a significant part of the tourist story of this southern Dalmatian island.

“For years, I worked in Zagreb as a representative of one of the most famous cosmetic brands, and after that, I made several Mljet souvenirs such as Mljet t-shirts, traditional jewelry, rings and earrings, handmade handbags, pillow cases, and belts. I was thinking of coming up with a new souvenir and remembered the epic of Odysseus. I found the inspiration in the legend of the passion and the love of the sea nymph Calypso and Odysseus who, after the shipwreck, drank and stayed on her island for love for seven years. Smell is a critical aspect of the relationship between people, so I contacted the French perfume maker Aromar Fragonard and explained to them how I imagined this would smell. They created several samples from my concept of which I chose the one that we ultimately named Nimfa Calypso.” 

When looking at the bigger picture, the tourists who buy this perfume from the island of Mljet will use it throughout the year, for the special moments in their lives. The story and memory of Mljet will, therefore, remain alive and present through these moments during the year – and whenever they see or wear this perfume, they will be reminded of the island of Mljet. The perfume, therefore, awakens the senses and excites the memory. 

Additionally, if a passerby notices the scent of the perfume on someone wearing it, the story is again retold in a new dimension, once again arousing the emotions and experiences of the owner. In this way, the story of Mljet is amplified from person to person –  organic advertising at its finest. 

“In the heart of the fragrance are the delicate arrangements of the plants on the island of Mljet including sage, carnations, green apple, lemon and grapefruit, lavender, while the woody and musky notes of jelly, cedar and patchouli provide a sense of peace and relaxation through dark, cold mulberry trees. The essence of the fragrance contains jasmine and geranium,” explains Luković, who further adds that this perfume has become a favorite souvenir of tourists visiting Mljet.

The sense of smell takes on us a journey when we are not able to travel, and with the scent of Nimfa Calypso, you can return to the island of Mljet, on a mystical journey where the legend initially began.

“I think this is a good tourist story that promotes the island of Mljet. We also plan on creating a male cosmetic line, and the male scent will re-start the love between Odysseus and Calypso for a new tourist story to best represent Mljet,” concludes Luković.

“Nimfa Calypso” can be purchased exclusively at the Mediterranean Art-Gift shop at Odisej hotel in Mljet at Mljet National Park. 

Translated from HRTurizam


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