Sending Mail in Croatia? Plan a Month in Advance and Hope for the Best

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In some cases, sending mail in Croatia calls for a ‘fingers crossed’ attitude

Just as I’ve started thinking I might make it a full week without reporting on the absurdity that is everyday life in Croatia, the country delivers once again. This time, we’re dealing with a peculiar case of insanity called ‘sending a package in Croatia and expecting it to get delivered within the announced time frame’… or delivered at all. 

A woman from Split named Lidija reached out to Slobodna Dalmacija to report on her mind-boggling experience that involved sending a parcel to her grandson in Zagreb… and still waiting for it to arrive a month later. She turned in her package in an office of the Croatian Post (HP) in Split, and it has since mysteriously disappeared.

“On November 2, I sent a letter to my young grandson living in Zagreb. As the child is only eight months old, and I wanted the parcel to be addressed to him personally, I was advised by the clerk to send it as priority mail instead of registered”, she said.

Her baby grandson should have received the parcel the following day before noon, but he didn’t. Lidija was generous enough to allow for five days to pass without the package being delivered, only then returning to the post office to check what’s going on.

“A very kind clerk told me there was no way to track down the letter, and that they were unable to do anything regarding my case. On Friday, November 17, I made another visit to the same post office and got the same reply, followed by a remark I can reach out to the customer service by calling the number 072 303 304. When I talked to an employee of the customer service, I found out that the clerk was obligated to issue me a ‘report on the fate of the parcel’, which the lady at the counter obviously didn’t think to do even though I asked her whether I can get reimbursed”, the woman said.

She went on to advise her fellow citizens not to put their trust in the public post service when it comes to sending Christmas presents to their loved ones. Whoever the gift recipient might be, they probably won’t get their gifts if they’re sent as priority mail, or if the clerk at the counter helps you to wrap up your parcel, the woman bitterly stated.

Slobodna Dalmacija reached out to HP to inquire on the missing parcel, getting a reply that only registered post can be tracked on its way to the recipient. There are many available options where sending mail is considered, some of them are tracked, some of them aren’t, said a statement from HP. As the term itself implies, priority mail gets delivered more quickly compared to other types of mail, but if it isn’t posted as a registered item, it is handled as an average parcel that isn’t individually recorded and tracked in the system. Most parcels get delivered in a day – three days at most.

Of course, HP made sure to state that all parcels are handled with the same level of attention and responsibility, but in case of rare mishaps, it isn’t possible to establish with certainty what might have gone awry.

“My grandson is more likely to get a visit from Santa Clause then from the postman”, said the unfortunate Split resident. While that might be true, let’s hope the case remains an exception rather than a rule; in the meantime, make the odds work in your favour and ask that your parcel, prioritised or not, gets sent as a registered item. Better safe than sorry!


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