Croatian Driving Regulations to Change: Digital Licenses, Zero Alcohol

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As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the European Union (EU) should become the first bloc of countries in the world to introduce a digital driver’s license. All this due to the digitisation process that we’re all undergoing and have been for quite some time now. This will also serve as a truly unique database that would help the police with their work.

”Your driving licenses would be on your phone or other digital device, and you’ll still be able to request a physical driving license if you prefer having that,” said Adina Valean, Commissioner for Transport of the European Commission (EC).

The younger generation could then enter into a probationary period of sorts after passing their driving test. A rule of zero tolerance for alcohol would also be introduced, because although statistics have improved in Croatia, across the European Union drivers under the age of 30 are still involved in two out of five fatal crashes in which alcohol is typically involved.

”I don’t think anything in particular will change. Things will look the same as they have before, with the exception that people won’t be allowed to drive under the influence of any alcohol whatsoever and they’ll have to adhere to the same speed limits as before. Other than that, I don’t think there will be any big changes as far as young drivers are concerned,” Krunoslav Antonic, a driving instructor of category A and B, said in conversation with HRT.

However, according to the new proposal, the rules on fines will be changed for all drivers as part of the new Croatian driving regulations. Police within the whole of the EU will be able to access and see the databases of drivers in any EU member state. Until now, all police officers working in the European Union have been able to see if you have been fined for speeding or driving under the influence of alcohol, and the European Commission is now planning to expand this.

As such, in addition to the aforementioned offenses, every police officer will also be able to see if you do one of the following in any EU member state:

1. Failure to maintain sufficient distance between vehicles

2. Dangerous overtaking

3. Dangerous parking

4. Crossing over one or more solid lines

5. Driving in the wrong direction

Changes are also coming to the revocation process for driving licenses. If you commit a serious traffic violation anywhere in the EU, you could lose your driving license, and then you would no longer be able to get it at home or in any other EU member state.

”For example, when the German police determine a certain offense and find out the perpetrator, and that person is no longer available in Germany to contact, they will use certain data through cooperation with the Croatian police and in that way, a sanction will be imposed, and if necessary, that individual’s driving license will be confiscated,” said Sinan Alispahic, an assistant general secretary at HAK (Hrvatski autoklub)

Experts agree – we won’t have to wait long for the implementation of these new Croatian driving regulations, as the European Union has set itself a big task to bring these plans to fruition by 2025.

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