Božo Petrov Criticizes HDZ and SDP

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Just like before last elections, MOST is trying to distance itself from both major political parties.

MOST opened its office on Monday in Rijeka, and its leader and Deputy Prime Minister Božo Petrov gave a statement in which he criticized both SDP and HDZ, but did not exclude the possibility of cooperation with them in case they change, reports Večernji List on August 1, 2016.

Petrov said that during the term of the current government they tried to implement the manifesto from the last elections in the ministries which they controlled. He added that SDP and HDZ had obstructed their efforts. “This time, we will demand a lot stronger guarantees because Croatia really has no more time, and I ask them to work for the benefit of all citizens. So far, they have worked only for their own interests”, said Petrov, adding that he believed that in the last six months MOST had shown completely different standards of behaviour. He did not say which guarantees he was talking about, explaining that they would be announced after MOST presents its election manifesto.

Petrov said that cooperation between HDZ and SDP in Parliament was better that the cooperation between the Patriotic Coalition and MOST in government. He also criticized SDP, but added that it was still possible to cooperate with the party. “I expect a change that will occur in both SDP and HDZ. This change can occur with members of Parliament, or in the leadership of both parties. In both parties, decisions are made by their presidents, and party presidencies do not have any authority”, said Petrov. “We cannot cooperate with such people”, he added.

“If they do not change and decide they will not provide guarantees, then they can form a government together, because I do not see any difference between them”, said Petrov, adding that it was very telling that there are rumours about possible grand coalition between SDP and HDZ. He added that the only problem could be the lack of positions in government. “There are a lot of crocodiles, but the swamp is too small”, he said.

Petrov added that their manifesto will focus on economic development, as well as reform of the judiciary and local government. He said that taxes should be reduced and that this should be done at the earliest opportunity, but added that budget deficit should be taken into account.

Finally, Božo Petrov said that he expected to win at least the same number of seats as in November last year. He said that he hoped that the citizens had seen what was going on and that they were aware that changes were needed.

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