Opposition Rejects Government’s Tax Cuts

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ZAGREB, July 28, 2018 – MOST party president Božo Petrov said in the northern Croatian city of Čakovec on Saturday that everyone in Croatia should be entitled to a dignified life which is why salaries must go up and “cosmetic changes the government has announced”, namely a 60 kuna increase for salaries amounting to less than 6,000 kuna, most certainly will not help salaries go up.”

Petrov once again commented on the measures the government had announced, saying that these cosmetic changes could not help Croatia and that the country needed radical changes.

“The MOST party has already drawn up an action plan in the Public Administration Ministry to cut down public administration. The ruling structure has the possibility to absorb 880 million kuna from the EU to do that. Only after big cuts like this are done, we can expect the economy to grow, salaries and living standards to go up and then people will want to stay in Croatia,” Petrov said.

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