Controversial: Zdravko Mamić sends a message to Hajduk fans

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The message is pretty unlikely to lower the tensions between Mamić and Hajduk Split’s fans…

Controversial football boss Zdravko Mamic forwards a somewhat provocative message which is sure to infuriate a great many people, particularly Hajduk fans, even taking aim at politicians…

“Among many messages of support, for which I am grateful, you have sent me this text written by Tomislav Zbožinek which I would like to share with you. If you have a couple of minutes of spare time, please make sure you spend them reading this text, which I forward in full. If you like it, share it with your friends. Thank you,” wrote Zdravko Mamić on his Facebook profile yesterday afternoon.

He decided to send Hajduk’s fans (members of Torcida) a message via a letter from one of his fans, the first since the recent attack on Mamić on the island of Brač, reports Sportske Novosti on June 22, 2017.

“Torcida, do you remember Sanader, Vidošević, Rožić, Luketin, Grgić, Svaguša, Pokrovac, Maleš, Šurjak, Fiorentini… My dear friends, these people have destroyed Hajduk. And you do not criticise them, but Mamić, Zagreb and Dinamo, who are supposedly guilty for everything. The only thing you know is to hide behind the word ”Torcida” and pretend you are heroes, and you did not say a word when Hajduk was being robbed.

That is your reality. You should clean the stench from your own backyard, and then move on to other issues after you catch all those who have brought Hajduk into such a dismal state. You should punch and kick (you do not seem to be capable of anything else) those who have robbed you. And stop terrorising us with the opinions of people who interrupt football matches, devastate towns, attack referees, athletes and sports legends… It is a disgrace that the media is even giving a voice to this group at all. Btw, how is it to be a tool in the hands of Ranko Ostojić, Arsen Bauk, Peđa Grbin, Jovanović and their crew?

On the contrary, we will crucify Mamić for 100 million kuna, which in the first place might not even have existed if he did not discover all those talents (in Hajduk, for example, they rejected Modrić as being too thin and without any future, and there have been many other such missed talented players in Hajduk), while, for example, we will be able to vote to Vrdoljak in the next elections, although he stole a billion kuna… Vrdoljak is just one example, there are too many of them to list them all, but this case gives you a clear picture of how we are being manipulated by the media.

Our universities are not even among the top 500 in the world, while football has been in the top 20 in the world since Croatia has existed. And we allegedly want to fix the situation in football – because, that is the only thing which is not okay… Let us focus for a moment at our healthcare sector – it costs us 23 billion kunas annually, it provides services for maybe five billion, and now suddenly the children’s hospital in Zagreb does not have 10 million kunas for a drug that can save seven kids. What are they spending these 23 billion kunas on? And how is it possible that in a country such as this, Mamić is the main topic?

It would be one thing if Mamić came to a rich club and then took the money. On the contrary, he made the club rich and it now has good foundations for its future success and the success of the national football team. There is also the football academy which ensures a safe and peaceful future for Dinamo and the national team. For me, this is not an unprecedented robbery. Such robberies are Agrokor, the sale of Croatia Osigurange (Insurance), INA, Croatian Telecom, pre-bankruptcy settlements, destruction of agriculture, factories…

Therefore, the question for all of you, you great fighters for justice – is why do you prefer a club or a state administration which brings the club or the country in a situation where they cannot even buy food, as opposed to an administration which brought a club into a situation that creates not only its own success but also the success of our entire national football team? I really do not understand this”, reads part of the letter published on Facebook.

(All items in this article are a direct translation of the letter published by Sportske Novosti, written by Tomislav Zbozinek and shared by Zdravko Mamic on his Facebook page, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our journalist or our portal)


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