Croatia Travel Update, March 15, 2020: What You Need to Know

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March 15, 2020 – Things are changing quickly as the authorities react to the coronavirus threat. A Croatia travel update on the current situation. 

Disclaimer – This is an attempt to give a Croatia travel update on the current situation. Things are changing very quickly, and we are doing our best to keep you informed as best we can. The information is by no means comprehensive, and all the info we have is published below. If you have something useful to add, please contact me on [email protected] Subject Travel Update, and we will add if relevant. Thanks for your understanding and support. 

Are the borders in Croatia open?

This is the latest official information from HAK – please check their website travel updates (in English) for the latest information here

Due to additional controls at the border crossings there can be long delays in both passenger and freight traffic.

At Batina, Principovac, Principovac 2 and Ilok 2 border crossings all traffic is suspended.

Traffic is closed at the following border crossings:

at Goričan border crossing, detour: Goričan junction-ŽC2026-DC3;

at Dvor and Vitaljina border crossings – open only to passenger traffic;

at Gunja border crossing – there is a traffic ban on freight vehicles and buses.

Due to traffic bans on freight vehicles in Slovenia long delays should be expected in freight traffic at Bregana/Obrežje and Macelj/Gruškovje border crossings starting 1 June.

What about ferries in Croatia?

You can follow the latest ferry information here.

Prizna-Žigljen ferry does not operate due to wind.

Split-Ancona international line does not operate till 1 April, Dubrovnik-Bari till 19 April 2020.

Till 1 June 2020 401 Zadar (Gaženica)-Ist-Olib-Silba-Premuda-Mali Lošinj ferry does not embark at Silba port due to roadworks.

Information about bus travel in Croatia. 

Restrictions are also happening on bus routes. I don’t have any comprehensive information, but it would be reasonable to assume that the Split Bus Station decision to stop international routes and likely limit domestic ones will be mirrored elsewhere. You can read about Split details here. 

International train travel to Croatia.

For the latest train travel information, the HAK travel update in English is here.

Railway traffic is suspended between Slovenia and Italy as well as at Bogojevo-Erdut border crossing (with Serbia).

Flights to Croatia? What is the situation with flight cancellations?

More flights are being cancelled every day, and this is a trend which is likely to continue. We don’t have access to the full picture and can only put together part of the picture, but some significant developments in recent days include Croatia Airlines suspending all international flights to the coast, Ryanair postponing its base in Zadar until 2021 (please note that this is not the same thing as all flights being cancelled – the details are in this article); mass cancellations of flights globally by the likes of Norwegian (4,000 flights) and Lufthansa (up to half its entire flights) tell their own story. With 14-day self-isolation increasingly becoming a requirement in many countries, including Croatia in some cases (see below), the likelihood of less travel and more flight cancellations is strong. If you are booked to fly to Croatia, your airline booking will give you better information in your individual case than we can. We did a big update a few days ago, much of which is out of date already, but some of the links to airlines will still be relevant

Self-isolation in Croatia? Who does this apply to?

”The Croatian Government has introduced with immediate effect a compulsory fourteen-day self-isolation for all foreign nationals arriving from the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Sweden.

Visitors with no residence in Croatia will be asked for proof of an accommodation booking. Those refusing self-isolation will be denied entry into Croatia and be instructed to return to their point of origin. Failure to comply with public health decisions may result in fines or even criminal charges.”

This list will no doubt be updated – follow the latest coronavirus updates on the dedicated TCN section

If anyone has some useful information and links to add to this resource, please contact us on [email protected] Subject Travel Update, and we will add if relevant. 


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