Two Mountaineers Trapped in Snowstorm on Risnjak Rescued by HGSS

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The stranded pair was taken to safety on Monday evening

Last weekend, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) issued a warning to citizens, advising them not to to go hiking or mountain climbing on Sunday due to announced heavy snowfall. As it turned out, some had ignored the warning: two mountaineers got stranded at a shelter close to the peak of Risnjak mountain, reports Slobodna Dalmacija on February 19, 2018.

The unfortunate adventurers sent out a call for help on Sunday night, and the HGSS hurried to Risnjak in the early hours of Monday morning. The HGSS crew had to make immense efforts to reach the two mountaineers, as they had to fight their way through more than 3 metres of fresh snow – and a heightened avalanche risk. 


The rescue mission presented a challenge to the experienced crew: due to difficult ground conditions, it took the HGSS members 20 minutes to walk a distance of 30 metres at one point. Another rescue team departed from Jelenje on a snowmobile to provide backup to the evacuation team.


One of the teams finally reached the mountaintop on Monday afternoon, and the trapped pair was safely taken to Platak by 8 in the evening.


Another win for the HGSS heroes – but next time, let’s all take their well-meaning advice and try to present them with a bit less work, shall we?


Photo credit: HGSS

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