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Over 700 Kilos of Waste Removed From Beaches and Seabed Around Šolta

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During the cleanup, over 700 kilos of waste was collected and most of it was plastic, which poses the biggest threat ...

Beach Cleanup: NP Mljet Puts Environment First

Lauren Simmonds

Keeping on top of things and putting the environment first isn’t always easy in the time in which we currently ...

Dubrovnik Divers to Clean Seabed in Zaton Mali

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The Dubrovnik Diving Club announces another praiseworthy action, putting the underwater environment first.

Summer Paradise, Winter Wasteland: Saharun Beach Swamped with Debris (Video)

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One of the most iconic Croatian beaches turns into a wasteland in winter months – in the most literal sense ...


Keeping the Coast Clean: Sign up for Eco Patrol in Telašćica Nature Park!

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The commendable volunteer programme aiming to clean up an astonishing Croatian natural gem doubles as a free vacation. Sounds good?

The Fight Against Plastic: Greenpeace on Mljet!

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Putting the environment first on Mljet!


Join In and Help Out: Underwater Cleanup Actions Organized by Ploče Divers

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A praiseworthy action of underwater cleanup by Periska eco and diving club from Ploče to take place next weekend.

Five Boys Clean Up Seabed in Dubrovnik

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Proof you just need some good will and a bit of your time to make a difference.

Under Sea Cleaning Actions Spark National Campaign Against Waste Disposal in Adriatic

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As is commonplace, pre-season under water sea cleanups have been underway along the coast. This time, the environmentally oriented actions ...

Eco Action in Dubrovnik: EKO 2017

Lauren Simmonds

A good sense of what it means to be ecological and environmentally friendly is what makes the world go around, ...

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