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Plitvice Lakes National Park’s Bookings Dominated by Foreign Visitors

Lauren Simmonds

As Novi list/Marin Smolcic writes, the current very encouraging arrivals and stays on the grounds of Plitvice Lakes National Park ...

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Discovering Authentic Croatia’s Secrets With Seoski Tourism

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Croatia’s visitor offer is evolving and expanding. There are exciting aspects of authentic Croatia to be discovered. Away from the ...

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World’s Best Naive Art: Authentically Croatian Hlebine School

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Croatia is sometimes difficult to find. Of course, with modern GPS and Croatia’s nine international airports, getting here is no ...

Podravina Adventure, a New Tourist Product To Show the Wild Side of the Gentle Podravina Region

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On this occasion, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Sandra Herman visited the region. The project ...

OPG Čudesna šuma

OPG Čudesna šuma: Paradise Reimagined in Beautiful, Traditional Baranja

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War and genocide and the aftermath. Famine. Disease. Death. In a former life, harrowing images filled the lens of internationally ...

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Continental Croatia Trains: Inland Opens Up With Green Travel

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October 3, 2020 – With charter airlines in a state of flux and Croatia Railways beginning a renewal of their ...

Medvedgrad: Renovated Fortress to Boast Pantry with 13th Century Scents!

Lauren Simmonds

Fancy a coffee in the basement of the fort and “stealing” a recipe from a medieval pantry, seeing three different ...