A Touch of Japan: Shakuhachi Concert in Dubrovnik

Lauren Simmonds

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A performance with an instrument few have ever heard…

Japanese culture is among the most fascinating to us Europeans, and the Eastern Asian nation sees an increasing number of its nationals visit Croatia annually, at all periods throughout the year.

Typically lovers of photography, culture, art and history, something that the Pearl of the Adriatic boasts plenty of – Dubrovnik has become a huge attraction to very many Japanese tourists over the last few years. A good friend and an absolutely exceptional photographer from Japan, Yuya Matsuo, has been travelling the world taking incredible photographs for a long time now, and as he quite rightly says, Croatia just has that ”something” that sets it apart from anywhere else.

While Japanese citizens flock to Croatia’s shores each year to enjoy our culture, food, history and landscapes, Japanese culture itself remains rather mysterious for the most part, not only here in Croatia but throughout Europe. While we have gradually become acquainted with, and definitely grown to love Japanese cuisine, it tends to stop there. But why should it?

As Dubrovnik Press Portal reports on the 1st of October, 2017, the well-known Japanese shakuhachi performer, Yosuke Irie, will perform a concert with the traditional Japanese flute made from bamboo tomorrow at the atrium of the Rector’s Palace, starting at 21:00. The concert will be held in cooperation with the Japanese Embassy in the Republic of Croatia. Entrance is free!

Yosuke Irie is a gifted composer and teacher of shakuhachi with a distinctive repertoire of traditional to contemporary music. In addition to concerts he has held at home in Japan, he has played in more than thirty countries around the world, promoting Japan’s incredibly rich culture. Yosuke Irie will be performing here in Dubrovnik for the first time ever.

All citizens and visitors of Dubrovnik are welcome to soak up some Japanese culture at the Rector’s Palace. Not to be missed!

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