Top 5 Šolta: The Best Beaches On Šolta

Daniela Rogulj

best beaches on Šolta

June the 29th, 2024 – Let’s face it, if we did a “best beaches in Croatia” article, it would end up turning into a book, being printed in volumes, and having a hardback edition. Instead, we’ll break it down. Here are the five best beaches on Šolta (according to us!)

Stračinska Bay

Stračinska Bay is widely considered to be among the best beaches on Šolta and is reachable by foot or by bike from Gornje Selo – a village close to the bays in the easternmost part of the island. Stračinska is also accessible by boat, with the option to anchor at 7 meters deep (though you should beware of sailing here during our famous ‘jugo’ wind). Stračinska Bay boasts a quiet atmosphere and a crystal clear sea surrounded by thick vegetation and stone houses (some on the beach are even available for holiday rentals). A favorite spot for swimmers is the hidden white-pebbled beach “Di dida pere guzicu”, which translates, quite literally, to “Where Grandpa Washes His Bottom”. To the left of the bay is Maložalo beach, while Veložalo sits on the right. We think the video below will give you an even better idea of its beauty. 

Jorja Bay

Located on the west coast of Šolta, in the middle of the island’s west southwest coast, you’ll find Jorja Bay, the bay next to its larger neighbor Tatinja Bay. Nearly impossible to reach by car, Jorja has become a sanctuary for sailors over the years – and quite honestly, it’s so unassuming you may even wonder if people visit this bay at all. Don’t let that fool you, though. It’s one of the best beaches on Šolta, reachable by a footpath from the mainland, Jorja boasts just a single house and a small pebbled beach. The bay did operate a family-run konoba called ‘Kike’ once upon a time (reserved for boaters only) though we are unsure if the seaside tavern will welcome guests this year – stay tuned. The bay can accommodate eight yachts at a time and is well sheltered from all winds but southernly. In between these two bays are the remains of the prehistoric fortress Gradine (altitude of 64 meters). 

senjska bay

While the history of the island of Šolta dates back to Neolithic times, the first known legends can be seen in the Delmati Illyrian tribe and Queen Teuta, whose castle is said to have stood above Senjska Bay (its ramparts can still be seen today). Located in the south of the island which can be reached by foot from Gornje Selo, Senjka boasts a white-pebbled beach and bright blue waters perfect for a swim. To be honest, there isn’t much information on Senjska Bay, which adds to its charm. And we think that after we got the word of Šolta locals that this was one of the best beaches on Šolta, we have every reason to believe that a visit to Senjska should be on your island itinerary. 

livka bay

Located directly across from the island of Brač and near the Gate of Split, you will find the bay of Livka. Situated on the southeast end of the island, Livka is reachable by boat, by foot from Gornje Selo, and even by car (well, some parts). One of the more active bays you’ll find on the island considering its located on the strait between Šolta and Brač, the very end of the bay offers a beautiful pebbled-beach good for families and day-tourists. Those looking to holiday at Livka will be happy to know there are tourist rentals in the area, and those that want to visit for the day by boat can anchor at 10 meters. With a tendency to get crowded, Livka also tends to get windy – remember, the southern winds are not your friend here. We also hear there is a cove near Livka’s western cape if you’re looking for more privacy – the bay is just big enough for one boat!

Šešula Bay

One of the best beaches on Šolta is gorgeous Šešula. It’s located in the south of Maslinica which actually is the only settlement and port on the entire west side of the island. Popular because it is protected from both the bura (northern) and jugo (southern) winds, Šešula is one of the most accessible bays and is easily reachable by foot, car, bike, or boat. Due to its popularity, Šešula has two restaurants – Šešula and Šišmiš – and boats can even moor in front of the restaurants if they desire. The bay also has a diving center, plenty of water sports, accommodation facilities, and a fish farm where you can find the freshest sea bass on the spot. 


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