VIDEO: Strong Bura Winds Bring Snow to Gorgeous Brac Island

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When you think of sunny Dalmatia, the last thing you likely associate it with is snow. The rugged coastline, the thick, rich Mediterranean pine trees and the fact that this part of the country basks in seemingly endless hours of sunshine each year means that snow is far from common – but it does happen, most recently on the gorgeous island of Brac near Split.

As Jutarnji list/Slobodna Dalmacija writes on the 28th of December, 2019, the residents of the beautiful island of Brac, which lies just across a channel from the Dalmatian mainland cities and towns of Omis, Makarska and Split, seem to have succeeded in what the inhabitants of the Makarska riviera area had problems with in the same afternoon.

Both the residents of Brac and of Makarska over on the mainland were shocked by the view through their windows, but only the latter had a bit more success in capturing this snowy “miracle” with their cameras and smartphones, writes Slobodna Dalmacija.

Owing to the photos and video footage taken by Brac’s residents, in the calm afternoon hours after the festivities of Christmas and just a few days before the New Year, we were treated to some videos of the snow falling on Brac, a result of the extremely strong bura which has been harassing the Dalmatian coast and islands, as it usually does at this time of year.

As stated, this snow has been dragged in by the strong bura winds, which was predicted by the weather forecast during the evenings and mornings, and is described as a “hurricane” type bura, but with the snow on Brac, it seems that thi is ”merely” strong bura.

It is certainly more than strong enough to spread snowflakes on all sides of this Dalmatian island, which is otherwise the tallest and the third largest in the Adriatic sea, and to further enhance the impression of the cold weather, which is not negligible. Temperatures will drop down to zero, and the Dalmatian hinterland has already seen some snow, as have the steep slopes of Biokovo.

Although the snow on Brac is not settling, Brac’s inhabitants, as well as others along the Dalmatian coast, are expected to have some real winter weather indeed. Finally a real December, just a few days before the new year.

Watch the video from Slobodna Dalmacija below:

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